Leap Year

Yesterday was the day of the leap year,
29th February,
and now the month has changed,
it's funny how I always express things in post-factum nowadays,
it seems like my days were going backwards.

Nothing special in particular happened yesterday,
except the fact that I tried to please myself again,
I waited till you fell asleep as usual,
and touched myself in the dark,
but apparently it was a bad decision,
since I failed to reach orgasm.

In the darkness, I remembered some days ago,
you asked whether I met another man,
it felt funny actually, that question,
how could I meet a man with this low self-esteem that I currently bear?
why would anyone else fuck me when my own partner won't?
you said it yourself, my vag stinks and my blowjob sucks,
why would someone be foolish enough to fuck anyone like that?

It is just this sadness, and hollow,
that follow after masturbation,
the feeling that's somewhat familiar to me now,
well I guess you can't expect me to have a good mood all the time,
when you can't make love to me.


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