October Twenty Fifteen

It was early October twenty fifteen,
when you took me home for the first time.

As the night deepened, you shyly approached me,
and without even asking, I let you kissed my lips, softly.

As if I were kissed by fire of desire,
my body was trembling in both passion and fear.

As our bodies melted into one,
I felt blessed... and loved.

As we took our time to catch our breath,
it was our first but we both knew it would not be our only time.

That soul that was belong to intertwine with mine,
is it still within you now?
Or is it belong to someone else now?

Our connections were so strong,
And I long for that.

You used to hold me and sing me a song,
until the dawn after we're making love through the night.
And you used to trace my face with your fingertips,
telling me it was the best night you've ever had in your life.
I used to touch your beautiful yet mysterious eyebrows,
wishing deep inside that time could freeze as the moment lasts forever.

It was October twenty fifteen,
when I took you being inside of me for the first time,
and you whispered, "I... miss... being inside of you,"


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