Memories of Us

Last night, I opened up an album of our old photos,
Could we call it young love? Oh, Dear, who knows?

While looking at those photos, I realized,
Some things have changed,
But only one thing stayed the same,
It's that we're still together.

Image by image,
Looking at how many things have changed,
Back then, little did I know that commitment had quite a high price to pay.

Little did I know,
that I would lost those full of desire eyes for that warm gaze,
that I would lost that passionate touch for the warm embrace,
that I would lost the untamed lust for a gentle affection.

And I don't know what to feel...
I lost my senses since I don't know when,
It's hollow inside of me but you already wrote that poem for someone else.

I cried looking at those photos where we were laughing together.
You were asleep so soundly, not knowing I was choking up in the memories of us.

And I could not stop wondering,
whom do you say "good morning" to, when I am here sleeping and awake by your side?
whom do you say "i miss you" to, when you are here next to me?

And I could not stop feeling ugly and miserable,
every time I saw that picture of you kissing her passionately.

Why did we look so happy in those memories of us?
Why did it change when we're still in this together?
Where did it go wrong?

We were happy back then, weren't we?
Those were not lies, were they?

God I swear I tried my best to pull myself together,
to pull myself out from drowning in the memories of us,
...but it was hard.

Dear, don't you know that we've been through a lot?
Don't you remember that we've been happier?
...or was it just me?

I thought I was just too afraid to know the answer,
"Were you happy with me?"


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