When It Rains

The first rain of November is falling tonight.
And I long for you, more than anything.

I’m sorry for having no guts to call you, yet.
I guess I’m just too afraid,
Because the last time I saw you is still burning in the back of my mind,
Those words that were stabbing me to die,
And the honesty that was kissing me goodbye.
I’m sorry for having no confidence to come to you, yet.
I guess I’m just not ready to face my fear,
The fear of rejection and neglect, by you, particularly.

I am strong, the reason is you.
You make me who I am today,
And I’m a great woman with you by my side.
Please don’t turn your back away...
This is a war I can’t win alone... without you.
And freedom ain’t nothing but missing you.



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