The K2

“It’s been quite a while since I’ve lost interest in what happens in the world.” –Kim Jae Ha (The K2, 2016)

“Because you people are oh-so-sensitive about your own pain, whereas the pain of others means nothing to you. But you know, other people get hurt too, just like you do.” –Kim Jae Ha (The K2, 2016)

“Straighten your back. And raise your head. Your enemies are watching.” –Kim Jae Ha (The K2, 2016)

“There are no masters who don’t betray their slaves.” –Kim Jae Ha (The K2, 2016)

“The thing about power is that it is something you won’t give up easily once you feel it.” (The K2, 2016)

It was once said that there is no human that was born evil; that there is only evil situation. However, how bad the situation is that it could turn a person into a devil? How awful the condition is that it could make someone turns into a bad person? How devastating the circumstance is that it could bring out the evil side of someone? What would it take to turn a person into a devil? How would it take to make a devil out of a person? Well, I guess it is true when they said that there is no person that is bad since the birth; that it is only the situation that is bad. As we live, things happen along the way, and some of them have the ability to shape us. All of the things that have happened in our life, they have shaped us into what we are today; and probably it would determine what we would be in the future. And I guess that it is also true when they say that there is no universal definition of good or bad. Even what we think is evil somehow has good thing within it. And even what we think is kind somehow has bad thing within it. Korean drama series, “The K2”, would make us contemplate about right or wrong, good or bad, and everything in between them.

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Title : The K2
Genre : action, melodrama, politics
Starring : Ji Chang Wook, Im Yoona, Song Yoon Ah, Jo Seung Ha, Lee Jung Jin
Channel : tvN
No. of episodes : 16
Original broadcast : September – November 2016

“The K2” follows the story of the titular character, which was the pseudonym of Kim Jae Ha (portrayed by Ji Chang Wook), a former mercenary soldier for the PMC Blackstone. When he was in Iraq, he got framed for the murder of his lover, who was a civilian. As the result, he ran away and became a fugitive. Somewhere along the way he returned to South Korea and after some events, he got offered to work at JSS Security Company. The company was owned by Choi Yoo Jin (portrayed by Song Yoon Ah), the wife of the presidential candidate, Jang Se Joon (portrayed by Jo Seung Ha). She was also the heiress of a chaebol (very wealthy) family who owned a large group of companies in South Korea. Jae Ha accepted the job under the circumstance that he needed an exchange for resources he needed in order to get his revenge on another presidential candidate, Park Kwan Soo (portrayed by Kim Kap Soo), who previously ordered the killing of his lover in Iraq. However, his objective started to shift when he met and fell in love with Go Anna (portrayed by Im Yoona), Se Joon’s illegitimate daughter whom he was assigned to guard.
Go Anna was Se Joon’s illegitimate daughter with departed famous movie star, Uhm Hye Rin (portrayed by Son Tae Young in special appearance). When her mother died, presumably murdered, Anna was taken to Barcelona and hidden there by Yoo Jin, the stepmother who had threatened her for all of her life. That way Yoo Jin managed to keep Se Joon under her toes for her own objectives. However, on one fateful night in Spain, she ran away and got captured in photograph by famous designer who was once acquaintance with her late mother. Hence Yoo Jin got no choice but to bring Anna back to South Korea in order to watch and keep her close. At first, she was losing all hopes to live, but things changed when she met and fell in love with the K2, codename for Kim Jae Ha, one of her bodyguards. Meanwhile Jae Ha was torn between having to work with his ally, Yoo Jin, in order to get his revenge and protecting Anna against his own ally, Anna’s presence was used by other people who wanted to take Yoo Jin down, including Yoo Jin’s own brother, Choi Sung Won (portrayed by Lee Jung Jin). Just right there, they got to decide and choose a side.

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There are things to contemplate from watching “The K2”. However, I will start with the lead female character, Go Anna. She is a lonely person. She never had a family ever since she was born (or a functional family, at least, thank to her parents who made her an illegitimate child). She never had a father figure in her life. She lost her mother through a tragically and traumatic event. She never had friends. And moreover, she had never seen the world for she was always locked up by Choi Yoo Jin. Hence, it was only natural for her to fall in love with Kim Jae Ha; for he was the first person who befriended her. He was always there when she needed him. And he was able to prove that she, indeed, can trust someone in the harsh life she had led all this time. At first, she didn’t know how to open up herself towards someone else, because of the mental illness caused by her trauma. However, being with Jae Ha has opened the way for her to open up towards other people; to have friends, to have family, and the most importantly: to know herself better and to make peace with her pain and trauma from the past, as well as the hatred and resentment.
As much as I think that Anna is an interesting character, I personally think that Choi Yoo Jin is the most complicated character in this drama series. She is actually the lead female character rather than Anna, as there are lots of things to explore from this character. Yoo Jin and Anna have one similarity: they never knew how to be loved; hence they don’t know how to love. However, the difference is that Anna is finally able to learn how to love since she is loved by Jae Ha. And unfortunately for Yoo Jin, even until the day she died, she is never able to know love. She was never felt how to be loved, sincerely and truly, by someone else, even her own family (thanks to the fate that she was born in wealthy family who values money and power more than anything else). She was forced to get married to a man who doesn’t love her. And she was forced to inherit the business she was never meant to do. She never had a father figure (and this one is another similarity between her and Anna). She never felt love even from her own family. And apparently, that was just how worse the condition that could turn a person into a devil.

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Hence Yoo Jin turned into a devil, at the night when Uhm Hye Rin (Anna’s mother) was murdered; for that was the time she realized that she was never loved by anyone. That was the time when she started to put the blame onto the whole world and become the devil herself in order to take her own revenge and anger upon her life. That was the time when she turned into the person she hated the most: her own father. She was desperate, for she knew that she would never win anyway against her father. Hence she chose to turn into him, or even worse than him. Meanwhile, deep inside she was just a lonely woman. She was just a pitiful woman who has never felt love. And she was just great at hiding her pain deep inside herself. She was just great at putting on some mask and acting strong and bold on the outside. Therefore, though other people may assume her as the antagonist along the series, I prefer to dub her as the anti-hero; for I can see right through her. I can clearly see and feel her pain and resentment toward the world. I can sympathize with her. Moreover, I can empathize with her. She was just, after all, a victim of bad situations.
I was taken aback when Yoo Jin said toward Hye Rin in the last episode: “I’m sorry. Love isn’t meant to be shared.” That sentence got me so. I was breaking apart during that scene, for it just showed how deep the pain, disappointment, anger, and sadness that Yoo Jin felt for all that time. It was just how great the dilemma she had inside her mind and soul when she was seeing her husband’s mistress was dying in front of her. Any woman would feel the same, even though they may react differently from Yoo Jin. The point is that: the pain was real. The pain was so real that any woman would feel the same way if she were on Yoo Jin’s shoes. It just showed how lonely she was; how she longed to be loved. It just showed how pitiful she was; how she longed to have something that was really and wholly her own. And after all the mind games between Jae Ha-Anna and Yoo Jin along the series, that was the significant moment when I was able to realize that Yoo Jin wasn’t a bad person. It was just that she was caught in bad situations. Jae Ha was like that too, and either was Anna. And in the end, we all have the choice; the choice on how to act upon the bad situations.

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Above anything, one thing that I love the most about “The K2” is the pairing of Ji Chang Wook and Im Yoona. How could two people really look good together like that? They were like a match made in heaven. I really cannot get enough of them being together (they are so cute together, I can’t!). (And I even cease from watching other series with them in it after “The K2”, for I cannot stand to see them each standing with other people; that’s just how crazy I went head-over-heels toward this couple). I really hope they become a real-life couple (though I also know that it is almost impossible). Besides, I also love the complicated politics in the storyline. It is well-built and so interesting to watch. The acting from the actors is unquestionable. And I have to give the honorary mention toward Song Yoon Ah for portraying Choi Yoo Jin in the most elegant and perfect way; for exuding the awesome charisma of the almighty yet fragile Choi Yoo Jin. In a nutshell, “The K2” is very recommended to watch. It’s not only that we can get to see how perfect Ji Chang Wook and Im Yoona together, but it’s that we can also get the right portion of action, politics, drama, and romance in it.

“All clothes that I have look like the same. They’re like funeral clothes.” –Choi Yoo Jin (The K2, 2016)

“He is not a hunting dog. He is a wolf.” –Choi Yoo Jin (The K2, 2016)

“Love is a privilege that not everyone can have it.” –Choi Yoo Jin (The K2, 2016)

“If only we met in a better condition or at the right time.” –Choi Yoo Jin (The K2, 2016)

“Would you be my companion on the road to the underworld?” –Jang Se Joon (The K2, 2016)


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