I thought I was strong,
But I broke down and cried this morning,
After all my friends were leaving for their work,
And I was left all alone in the house that doesn’t even belong to mine.

Reading all over again your words from the last time you messaged me,
I suddenly felt nauseous and my head was in so much pain.
Realizing that I had nowhere to go or come back to,
Because the only place I can call home is currently closed his heart.

Can you just let me come back home?
I’m all by myself in the edge of this cold world,
Don’t leave me out,
And please take me back home where you are.

Can you please let me come back home?
Let’s put all the pain in the past,
Don’t shut the door off of me, don’t make it last,
And here I am still waiting for you to take me back home where you are.



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