Legend of the Blue Sea

“The easiest thing that can change in the world is a person’s heart.” –Heo Joon Jae (The Legend of the Blue Sea, 2016–2017)

“My heart can only beat if you love me. When a loved one leaves, the heart cools, hardens and stops. I’ll be like that without you.” –Shim Chung (The Legend of the Blue Sea, 2016–2017)

“The fact that everything has repeated is not a curse but an opportunity – an opportunity to change the ending.” –Heo Joon Jae (The Legend of the Blue Sea, 2016–2017)

“When I crossed the long ocean to find you, I saw these pretty stars every night but I was lonely because I was alone. I was tired. I was scared. Right now, is it okay to be this comfortable? Is it okay to be happy? Is it okay to love you?” –Shim Chung (The Legend of the Blue Sea, 2016–2017)

“Even if we’re different, even if we’re greatly different, I will not leave you.” –Heo Joon Jae (The Legend of the Blue Sea, 2016–2017)

People say that humans have fickle heart. Hence they are the creature that is the hardest to understand. Do we really have fickle heart? Do all of us have fickle heart? Do we really change our feeling easily? Do all of us change our feeling easily? Is there really no human that has a steady heart? Is there really no human that doesn’t change their feeling easily? Are we that hard to be understood? Just because some humans change their heart so easily, it doesn’t mean that all humans are like that. Some humans choose to remember, even though it means they are being tortured in the process by remembering all of sad memories too. Some humans choose to remember, because that way they can feel the love even though it hurts. Some humans choose to remember and feel the love as well the pain, rather than to forget but don’t know how it feels to love. Some humans choose to hold on and wait, even though it means they’re hurting in the process, because they believe that in the end it’s worth it all. And those are things that Korean drama series “The Legend of the Blue Sea” can make us wonder about of the human’s life.

"The Legend of the Blue Sea" official series poster | source: asianwiki.com

Title                         : The Legend of the Blue Sea
Genre                       : fantasy, drama, romance, comedy, period drama
Starring                     : Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Lee Hee Joon, Shin Won Ho, Sung Dong Il
Channel                     : SBS
No. of episodes          : 20
Original broadcast     : November 2016 – January 2017

“The Legend of the Blue Sea” follows the love story between a man and a mermaid. There are two different stories that took place in two different eras. The first one was during Joseon period of time, where a man named Dam Ryung (portrayed by Lee Min Ho) had an entangled fate with a mermaid (later be named as Se Hwa/portrayed by Jun Ji Hyun). They first met when they were child when the mermaid saved Dam Ryung from drowning. They became friends until they were teenagers. However, with the power she held, Se Hwa erased Dam Ryung’s memories of her when a tragic event took place, in order to save the life of him. Years later when they were both adult, they met again but Dam Ryung had no recollection about their past together. However, their fate ended in a tragic way. And little did they know that their entangling fate would resonate with the fate of their reincarnations in the future. Thousands years later in the present time, Heo Joon Jae is the reincarnation of Dam Ryung. He meets a strange woman without knowing that she is a mermaid (later be named as Shim Chung), who is the reincarnation of Se Hwa.
Heo Joon Jae has a brilliant mind and he leads a life as a con artist along with his team members, Nam Doo (portrayed by Lee Hee Joon) and the genius hacker Tae Oh (portrayed by Shin Won Ho). However, they only deceive corrupted wealthy people who misuse their money, power, and authority to suppress those who are inferior to them. Shim Chung got to live under the same roof with these three guys in Joon Jae’s house because they don’t have a heart to leave a woman with no identity and no house to wander alone on the street. Meanwhile, Shim Chung has come to the land with the consciousness that unless she is being loved back by the man she love, she would die in vain neither as a mermaid nor a human. However, it’s not that easy since there is Cha Shi Ah (portrayed by Shin Hye Sun), Joon Jae’s junior who falls for him. Moreover, there are people who mean to do harm towards Joon Jae, including a murder fugitive, Ma Dae Young (portrayed by Sung Dong Il), who is hired to kill him by his stepmother, in order to make her own son, Heo Chi Hyun (portrayed by Lee Ji Hoon), to be the sole heir of Joon Jae’s father’s company.
Truth to be told, all along the drama series, I was captivated with the visual of both Jun Ji Hyun (how can she still be sooooo beautiful and mesmerizing even after giving a birth?) and Lee Min Ho (his handsomeness is just overrated, in a good way). Hence I actually don’t think too much or too hard when I watch “The Legend of the Blue Sea”. Moreover, there are many comical scenes that just wash away the deep thoughts. However, still, there are things that I thought when I watched this drama series. The first thing is related to the relationship of Shim Chung and Heo Joon Jae. For me personally, it’s only natural to fall in love with someone who reaches our hands, over and over again, even though they know that they have a choice to let go of our hands. And that is what happens to Shim Chung and Heo Joon Jae. It’s only natural for Shim Chung to fall in love with Joon Jae (despite the entangled fate between them) because she is touched by his willingness to reach out for her, even though he knows it all too well that he got other choices than to do that. Somehow, Joon Jae’s action makes her feel that her existence gives meaning towards someone.
Moreover, it’s only natural for people to fall in love with someone who gives the sense of companion. That is what Shim Chung feels toward Heo Joon Jae. His companion has made her feel not alone in the strange new world she is in. His companion has somehow made her feel safe. And the most importantly, his companion has made her feel like home. It is a very big deal for Shim Chung to leave her world and live in a complete new world. However, she got the strength and bravery to do that because of the love she has for Joon Jae, as well as the love she receives from him. Just like what Joon Jae said in the drama series, love means surrendering. Hence, though it is a big deal for Shim Chung to leave everything in her original world behind, it is what it has to take in order to fight for her love. And by surrendering, it means that she has to put her trust on the one she loves. And she does that. She puts her trust in Joon Jae and does everything that he says. No, it’s not because she is a fool for doing that. It is just what love does to people. It makes you trust. It makes you believe. It makes you have hopes. And it gives you all the strength you need.
Just like what Shim Chung does in the drama series, when you love someone so sincerely, you are willing to give up anything for that person. Even if it means you have to leave your previous comfort-zone life, you would do it anyway. Even if it means you have to struggle to fit in with the whole new world, you would do it anyway. Even if it means you have to protect that person with all cost, you would do it anyway. You would come as far as taking a bullet for that person when you sincerely love them. And just like what Heo Joon Jae does in the drama series, when you love someone so sincerely, you are willing to accept that person for everything they are. You would understand that it takes very big courage to be able to open up about their true selves toward us, and you would appreciate their honesty. You would comprehend that it takes guts and bravery to be able to cross the universe just to be with you, and you would appreciate their efforts. You would want to remember that person even though there are painful memories in it. You would not trade your memories just for empty happiness. You would want to cherish it forever.
Lastly, even though we know it all too well that human’s heart is fickle, there are people who remember too much. Even though there are people who forget too easily, there are also people who remember for so long. There are people who never forget. And in this modern society where we are forced to work our ass off to make ends meet, what else could we cherish more but the love from people we hold most dear? Would we treasure money than anything even though we know that it’s not always bringing happiness anyway? When we need to make money in order to be happy, doesn’t it mean that all we really need is actually happiness? And the source of happiness is not only money. The source of happiness is a peace of mind. And having our most beloved person beside us is one of the things that can bring peace to our mind. We won’t trade all the money in the world for that one thing. We won’t trade anything for the chance to be together with the one we hold most dear; because, believe me, not everyone has the privilege to be able to live with the one they love. Hence, when we do, we are lucky; and we should be grateful for it more than anything.
Having the one and only Jun Ji Hyun is indeed the blessing as well as the curse for “The Legend if the Blue Sea”. The blessing is that (as far as I know) she is currently the most (and only) brilliant Korean actress who is able to exude the sassy yet cute charm; the one that is so effortlessly funny yet gorgeous at the same time. No other actress could come as close enough to her in order to perfectly portray Shim Chung. However, her charisma is often overpowering the other cast. It resulted in the lack of chemistry between her and the co-star Lee Min Ho; but don’t worry, that’s not a big deal anymore since the same case happened between her and Kim Soo Hyun (her previous co-star from “My Love from the Star”). On the other hand, I prefer Lee Min Ho to Kim Soo Hyun when it comes to be partner with Jun Ji Hyun. At least, their posture match perfectly (unlike Kim who is too skinny for tall girl like Jun; sorry not sorry, but no offense). Okay, put it all aside, “The Legend if the Blue Sea” is indeed highly recommended to watch. It’s not only you’d be blown out by Jun’s charisma, but also the drama series is the whole package of entertainment.

“For me, loving someone is the easiest thing to do. Even when I tried so hard not to, I couldn’t help but to love. No matter how much I wanted to be disappointed, I could not. For me, love overcomes everything! If you have plans to like me in the future, please let me know, Heo Joon Jae.” –Shim Chung (The Legend of the Blue Sea, 2016–2017)

“Life is naturally all about something that is about to work out but then it may not. The most important thing is you should never give up on what you’ve chosen until it becomes yours.” –Heo Joon Jae (The Legend of the Blue Sea, 2016–2017)

“No matter what you say, I’ll stay by yourself without giving up so do not get angry from not being able to say what you want and just say what you really want to say.” –Shim Chung (The Legend of the Blue Sea, 2016–2017)

“I originally didn’t have anything to be afraid of since I had nothing to lose but now, it is scary now that I might lose something.” –Heo Joon Jae (The Legend of the Blue Sea, 2016–2017)

--> “Among the many words I’ve learnt after coming here, the best words are happy ending. I’m sure this very moment is a happy ending. But the hope and despair that life gives you is that time keeps flowing and the moment passes. Behind that moment of brilliant happiness, no one knows what kind of moments await.” –Shim Chung (The Legend of the Blue Sea, 2016–2017)


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