Imaginary Conversation

He: I’m sorry I pushed you away.
She: I’m sorry too. Things have been so messed up lately, loving you, hating you, missing you.
He: Come back home, please?
She: You change the lock or anything?
He: No, everything is just the way it used to be.

I only need to hear those five words.
I’m sorry I pushed you away.
And just four more words.
Please come back home.
Is it so hard for you
to let down your ego a little bit just to say those words?
Is it that difficult
to swallow your pride just a little to say you’re sorry?

Perhaps it’s all just a wishful thinking,
Or probably a mindless dreaming.
All I got is nothing but a game of offense and defense.
Well I can play tough, outside.
But I’m fragile, inside.
Well I can play defense all the time hence I seem to be tough,
But it’s actually I’m afraid of rejection hence I don’t play offense.
And I’m tired of this game,
But I’m not ready to face neglect.

Can you just say those five plus four words to put this burden off?
Please . . .



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