I'm Not a Robot

“I hope you’ll always recognize me, regardless of how I might change. Then I promise that I’ll cherish and love you.” –Kim Min Kyu (I’m Not a Robot, 2017-2018)

“Some moments become beautiful memories that will never come again. I was curious. Why was I allowed to retain so many painful memories? The beautiful memories of the day that was so perfect. What did it all mean? Memories. Recollections. To me, they became a punishment.” –Kim Min Kyu (I’m Not a Robot, 2017-2018)

“I don’t smile in front of others. I want to seem intimidating so that they don’t mistreat me.” –Kim Min Kyu (I’m Not a Robot, 2017-2018)

“When evening came, I willed it to become morning, that morning would come faster. I loved having someone who would listen to me. Knowing that someone watched over me and remembered me... excited me every day.” –Kim Min Kyu (I’m Not a Robot, 2017-2018)

“Hey, why would you stay friends with a jerk who gives you a hard time? You can always make new friends. That’s what my Dad said to me when I got hurt by a mean friend. He said we need to learn how to say goodbye to old friends and meet new ones just like how the river flows.” –Jo Ji Ah (I’m Not a Robot, 2017-2018)

Some people say that there is no illness that cannot be cured by love. Is it true? Is love really be able to cure any kind of illness? What about “lies” then? Is there really any white lie? Does there really any lie that mean good for other people? If the reason was for goodness, is it okay to lie then? My mind is always torn whenever it comes to a matter about “lying”. On one side, I know that some lies can mean for good things. On the other side, I think that no matter how good a lie is, an honesty is still so much better no matter how bad it is. But when someone’s life is on the line, will we be able to lie? Will we be able to tell honesty when someone’s life is on the line? If it means that a person might die when we tell the truth, will we be able to be honest? If it means that a person might die when the lies are unraveled, will we be able to keep lying? When there seems no better choice whether to lie or to be honest, what will we choose then? In South Korean drama series titled “I’m Not a Robot”, our morality will be torn between lying and telling honesty. When love is the truth, will we be able to tell it even if someone’s life is on the line?

"I'm Not a Robot" official series poster | source: asianwiki.com

Title                             : I’m Not a Robot/I Am Not a Robot/She’s Not a Robot?!
Genre                           : romantic comedy, science fiction
Starring                         : Yoo Seung Ho, Chae Soo Bin, Uhm Ki Joon
Channel                         : MBC
No. of episodes              : 32
Original broadcast         : December 2017 – January 2018

Broadcasted by MBC television network, “I’m Not a Robot” is a Korean romance comedy drama series of 32 episodes, airing during the winter season from December 2017 to January 2018. The story revolves around Kim Min Kyu (portrayed by Yoo Seung Ho), an orphan chaebol (a son of a very rich businessman family) who developed a strange illness since the death of his parents 15 years ago. Since then, his illness has made him have an allergic every time he has a physical contact with another human being. Hence, because of his “human allergy”, he has been living his life in isolation and avoiding physical contact with another human being. Until one day, a humanoid robot is delivered to him by a robotic team who are working under one of his company’s subsidiaries. The robot is called Aji 3. However, for his lacks of interaction with another human being, Min Kyu innocently doesn’t realize that the Aji 3 sent to his house is actually a human being named Jo Ji Ah (portrayed by Chae Soo Bin), who actually is the character model for the real Aji 3.

It is Hong Baek Kyun (portrayed by Uhm Ki Joon), the man behind this entire situation. He is the leader of robotic team, Santa Maria, who is desperately wanted his invention to be noticed, since the years of hard work of his team is on the line. Moreover, they keep receiving notice from the company that his team will be disbanded and the office will be taken away because there seems to be no progress in his work. After Min Kyu sees Aji 3 for the first time and being impressed by it, an accident unfortunately takes place that makes Aji 3 malfunction. Hence, he hires his ex-girlfriend, Ji Ah, whose appearance he uses as Aji 3’s physical looks, to act as a robot in front of Min Kyu just until his team fixes Aji 3. Meanwhile, Ji Ah takes the offer because she’s in a great need for money. However, Ji Ah and the team then discover Min Kyu’s illness; and they take all the risk in order to help Min Kyu to be healed from his illness, because he slowly gets better in interacting with other people ever since Aji 3/Ji Ah came in his life. But, just for how long they’re able to lie to Min Kyu? And what might happen to Min Kyu when he finally figures out that Aji 3 he has known all this time is actually a human being named Ji Ah?

source: MBC

I ponder about many things when I watched this drama series. First of all is about post traumatic stress disorder. I guess what happened to Kim Min Kyu in this drama series was all started because of the traumatic incident he had when he was just a kid. At a very young age, he had to send his parents away in a tragic car accident. Moreover, he then realized at his parents’ funeral that people around him were only being nice to him because he was an heir to a very big and successful company in South Korea. In other words, people only saw him for his money and inheritance. And that’s what triggered the “human allergy”. He lost trust towards people. Moreover, he lost trust towards himself; that he was not able to build a sincere friendship with anyone because people were blinded by his wealth instead of getting to know who he really was. Though he might appear tough and bold, he was actually very fragile in the inside, because he was actually longing for a real and true friendship with another human being. He was heartbroken and lonely.

I have to agree with Ye Ri El’s (she is portrayed by Hwang Seung Eon) statement in this drama series, that the more we interact with other people, the more we are able to get to know ourselves better. For 15 years, Kim Min Kyu didn’t really interact with other people. And we need to remember that those 15 years he spent in isolation were actually important years for self-development as teenager and young-adult. However, he spent it without going out and socializing with people around his age. He didn’t know how to make friends. He didn’t know how to solve his unfinished rage and grudge towards his childhood friend, Hwang Yoo Chul (portrayed by Kang Ki Young). He didn’t even know how to open up his self to other people. Hence, he didn’t really know his self that well. Aji 3 (who was actually Ji Ah who pretended to be a robot) was his first “friend” in 15 years. His relationship with Aji 3 was the thing that opened up his mind. The relationship taught him everything he needs to know about building a friendship. The relationship had made him know himself better than before; things he wasn’t able to understand before. Hence, it meant a lot for him.

source: MBC

Is there really any lie that could bring happiness? Jo Ji Ah said that she could be happy if Kim Min Gyu was happy, even if it means that she would not be able to tell the truth that she was not a robot. However, later on we could see that eventually, a lie can never bring happiness. It’s all just a pseudo-happiness; an illusion of happiness that is just temporary. It all will end when the lie is unraveled. And all that is left is sadness when it’s all finally happening. The truth, no matter how hard it is to be accepted, no matter how hurtful it is, no matter how deep the pain it will leave is apparently so much better than the most beautiful lie. Ones can get through the pain from hurtful truth, even though it’s not easy at all. However, it’s harder to heal from the pain of betrayal caused by a lie. Though some people say that they rather are lied to than being told the truth, actually it’s all just a bluff. Still, being recovered from an unraveled lie is so much harder than being recovered from painful truth. In the end, telling honesty is all what it takes.

I guess I understand Kim Min Kyu’s feeling when he finally realized that Jo Ji Ah was lying to him. Even though he was glad (and relieved) for the fact that he was indeed falling in love with a human being instead of a humanoid robot (at least it was a proof that he was not insane eventually), he was hurting because his pride was violated. He felt like he was being played. Indeed, being in love is humiliating, since we become vulnerable and we constantly bare our all in front of the person we love. And the fact that the action was not reciprocal is what actually hurting the most. That’s why Min Kyu said that Ji Ah should have told the truth when he confessed his love while still knowing her as a robot; that she should have told him then that she was actually a human being. Hence, when Ji Ah finally confessed that she loved him not because he needs her, but because she needs him instead, that’s when Min Kyu could finally accept her honesty. For by that confession, Min Kyu was rest assured that his feeling was actually not unrequited. And that was how he could deal with his pain of being lied to, because eventually, Ji Ah told the honesty, and his resentment was resolved.

source: MBC

I started watching “I’m Not a Robot” because of one and only Yoo Seung Ho. This is his first drama series that I watched after he finished serving his military duty. And, this is his first romance comedy drama series. Hence, I was excited. However, sadly this drama series apparently was not doing so well in terms of rating. And somehow I can quite understand why. “I’m Not a Robot” was lacking something for a romance comedy, though it’s clearly not in the acting of the actors. Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin make a very lovely couple in here. They are lookalike! I rarely be able to like female actors who were paired with Yoo in his previous drama series, but his chemistry with Chae Soo Bin was too hard to resist. And yes, though the plot and storyline might be lacking something, it was all worth it for the sole of Yoo’s appearance in this drama series. Therefore, I recommend “I’m Not a Robot” for all Yoo’s fans across the universe. He’s super gorgeous in here! And his acting is unquestionable. It is top notch! Oh, pardon me for fangirling. (But I just cannot help it!)

“A relationship is planting roots in someone’s heart.” –Kim Min Kyu (I’m Not a Robot, 2017-2018)

“One person is enough to hold someone from leaving.” –Jo Ji Ah (I’m Not a Robot, 2017-2018)

“I’m not the one who heals you. Deep inside your heart, you have the longing for someone special to heal you. That’s what actually heals you.” –Jo Ji Ah (I’m Not a Robot, 2017-2018)

“The person whom I want to give me love, it’s you. The person whom I miss every single day, it’s also you. It’s not because that you need me. It’s because that it’s me who really need you. It’s because you’re the only person in my life, whom I always look and wait for all this time. I love you.” –Jo Ji Ah (I’m Not a Robot, 2017-2018)

“Every single time that I spend with you makes me happy.” –Jo Ji Ah (I’m Not a Robot, 2017-2018)


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