Another Miss Oh

“She just popped into my head like a memory.” –Park Do Kyung (Another Miss Oh, 2016)

“I’m a strong woman who doesn’t get hurt over these matters. I gritted my teeth and told myself that every day.” –Oh Hae Young (Another Miss Oh, 2016)

“If I completely lose myself and become her, if such a chance comes, would I choose the option to be her? It turns out that I wouldn’t. I only wanted to improve myself a little bit. I didn’t want to be her. I still love myself the way I am. I only want myself to do well.” –Oh Hae Young (Another Miss Oh, 2016)

“Rather than saying it was no big deal, rather than saying I will be okay, it was more comforting that there was someone else with the same pain.” –Oh Hae Young (Another Miss Oh, 2016)

“You just got knocked down by one punch. You can take a break and get back up.” –Park Do Kyung (Another Miss Oh, 2016)

At times, universe has the funniest unpredicted scenario for us; a scenario that we can never imagine could happen in our moderate life. But yes, no matter how ordinary we are, we have to have the faith that we are all the main character in our life. And yes, no matter how lacking we feel, we need to have the confidence that we are all the main character in our own life. Though sometimes life puts you in the situation that makes you feel like the second lead or supporting character, or worse, a cameo, of someone else’s life, don’t get discouraged. This one life is yours and yours only. We want to be a main character and we are the main character, indeed. Though there are people out there who have the same name as us, though we are always getting compared to them, though other people always seem to try to put us down, there is only one of every of us in this world. There is no other us and that makes us special. Hence, chin up like what Oh Hae Young does in this drama series titled “Another Oh Hae Young”. There might be many girls named Oh Hae Young, but each is different. And each is special in our own way.

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Title                          : Another Miss Oh/Another Oh Hae Young/Oh Hae Young Again 
Genre                        : romantic comedy, drama, fantasy
Starring                     : Seo Hyun Jin, Eric Mun, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Ji Suk
Channel                     : tvN
No. of episodes          : 18
Original broadcast      : May – June 2016

“Another Oh Hae Young”, or also known as “Another Miss Oh”, is a Korean drama series broadcasted by tvN cable television network during May to June 2016. Just like the title, the stotyline revolves around a woman named Oh Hae Young (portrayed by Seo Hyun Jin). A day before her wedding, she suddenly announced that she canceled her wedding. This announcement enraged her family as the result. However, it turned out to be a bluff since the one who actually canceled the wedding was her fiance, Han Tae Jin (portrayed by Lee Jae Yoon), though Hae Young remained silent about that and went along with the scenario that she was the one who canceled the wedding in order to keep her pride. It was later revealed that people who ruined their wedding were Park Do Kyung (portrayed by Eric Mun) and his bestfriend, Lee Jin Sang (portrayed by Kim Ji Suk). One year ago, Do Kyung was engaged to Oh Hae Young (portrayed by Jeon Hye Bin), but she didn’t appear on their wedding day and he ended up being stood up. When Ji Sang heard that Hae Young was going to get marry to Tae Jin, he mistook her as the same Hae Young that betrayed Do Kyung.

Not knowing that it was different Hae Young, Do Kyung put a scheme in order to ruin their wedding, which led to Tae Jin canceling the wedding. Apparently, those two Hae Youngs were classmates in highschool; one was known as the pretty Hae Young (the one portrayed by Jeon Hye Bin) while the other was known as just ordinary Hae Young (the one portrayed by Seo Hyun Jin). A month after ordinary Hae Young and Tae Jin’s wedding was canceled; Do Kyung found out that it was a different Hae Young whose wedding he ruined. Strangely, before meeting the ordinary Hae Young, he kept getting visions regarding to that woman. He even began to see a psychiatrist in order to find out what’s really happening with his self. At first, he was suggested that it might be a guilt that had made him having those visions. Hence, Do Kyung tried his best to make up for his mistake. Not knowing all of this, the ordinary Hae Young began to fall in love with Do Kyung. However, things turned complicated when the pretty Hae Young came to get back again with Do Kyung. Moreover, Tae Jin was also coming back to get his revenge at Do Kyung for ruining his life.

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Watching “Another Oh Hae Young” makes me reflect on many things. One of those many things, I remember what pretty Oh Hae Young said in the drama series: “People are remembered by their last sentiment.” Indeed, relationship can turn ugly once we make a wrong choice or decision. Watching this series has made me realize that one of the things I fear the most is becoming the person who is remembered as someone who left only pain and agony by the one whom I hold most dear. It’s important that we should resolve our feelings before we can move on. And in order to do that, we have to be honest. I, out of all people, know it all too well how hard it is to be fully honest towards the one we hold most dear; like what pretty Oh Hae Young does in the series. However, if honesty is all that it takes in order to make things right, then I will try hard to confess and speak honestly ad truthfully even though I have to swallow my pride in the process. However, some people just open naturally when it comes to the right person; like what ordinary Oh Hae Young does towards Park Do Kyung. She opens up naturally because it is Park Do Kyung, not somebody else.

Dejection and guilt are one of the most dreadful things in this life. Because of the dejected and guilty feeling, some people live the rest of their life thinking that they don’t deserve to be happy. They think that they are not good enough. They fear of happiness itself. And this is what happens to both ordinary Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung in the beginning of this series. Because of their experience in the past, they both are afraid to be happy. The difference is that Hae Young realizes it and Do Kyung doesn’t. Hence she tries her best to convince Do Kyung that they both deserve to be happy. I particularly note the remark than Han Tae Jin said when he left Hae Young. Even if it was meant to hurt people, we should be careful of what we say, of what kind of words we choose to hurt them, because it might be a scar that will remain forever in their heart. Just because we’re meant to hurt, it doesn’t mean that we can say anything we want. For the person we are talking too –no matter how bad they are– is also human. They have feelings. And it all comes back to the honesty. Rather than hurtful lies, I personally prefer the hurtful truth; since it hurts anyway, it’s better to know the truth and live through it rather than struggling with lies.

source: tvN

The next important thing that I would like to highlight from “Another Oh Hae Young” is the comparation between the ordinary Oh Hae Young and the pretty Oh Hae Young. I feel incredibly sad as well as related to this matter. I, out of all people, know it all too well about being compared to other people. It’s one of the worst feelings ever. I know exactly how it feels. It feels awful. And no matter how long time has passed or how many times people have tried to console me, the pain can never really disappear. Once we are being compared to someone else, particularly by the person whom we hold most dear, we can never see and feel things the same way again. We will always, whether consciously or unconsciously, automatically comparing our own self to someone else whenever similar situation occurs. It will become our self mechanism. And it’s slowly killing our character in a painful way. We become overly cautious. We become less and less confident about ourselves. The worst thing is: we feel we don’t deserve to be loved because someone else is always better than us. That’s why, no matter how hard the situation is, please don’t compare your partner to someone else, because it will forever leave a scar in their soul.

I personally am deeply touched with the relationship between ordinary Oh Hae Young and her mother. It reminds me so much to my relationship with my mother. They fight a lot, her mother scolds her a lot too, but that is just the expression of deep affection between them. And eventually, though most of the time they disagree about many things, eventually in the end, her mother always takes her side and stands beside her. She supports her daughter all the way she can. And for me, that is the most beautiful thing that a mother can do for her daughter. She cannot guarantee that her daughter will live rightfully according to the social norms, but as long as her daughter is happy, all that she can do is giving all the supports she’s able to in order to make it happen. As for the ordinary Hae Young and Park Do Kyung couple, they were both broken people. And Hae Young’s spirit has awakened Do Kyung’s willingness to face his fears. She convinces him that they deserve to be happy, and that they shouldn’t be afraid of being happy just because they’ve been hurt once by a person who was meant the world to them. And for me, that is what true love is. It is the bravery to take on the challenge; it is the strength to face our most fear.

source: tvN

Besides the main couple in this drama series (ordinary Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung), I also have to note that I love the supporting character couples, Lee Jin Sang and Park Soo Kyung (portrayed by Ye Ji Won) couple, and also Park Hoon (portrayed by Heo Jung Min) and Anna (portrayed by Heo Young Ji) couple. Hoon and Anna are surely the scene-stealers couple in this drama series with their lovey-dovey yet comical arc. On the other hand, Jin Sang and Soo Kyung couple serves a more mature side of relationship. From this couple, we can see how much the patriarchal system has affected people in Eastern countries such as South Korea; and not only the women, but also the men. I’m appalled by Soo Kyung’s maturity in dealing with problems regarding to Jin Sang. She doesn’t want to burden him, so instead, she tries her best to bring out the best in Jin Sang, not for the sake of her own self, but the for the sake of Jin Sang; and for me, that is what true love is. True love is not strangling. True love is setting us free. And this is what finally touches Jin Sang’s heart and makes him realizes that Soo Kyung is the best woman for him; the one that motivates him to stop playing with other women and start to settle and make commitment in his romance relationship.

Lastly, this drama series has shown me how lonely people meet, gather, and fall in love. We never know where we’re going to find love. Sometimes, we found love at the most unpredictable place. I’m reminded once again about this by the couples in this drama series. Liking someone is indeed humiliating that it drives us crazy. It’s embarrassing to open up ourselves and let them know all things up our sleeves that even our closest friend or family doesn’t know. But that is relationship; it means you trust that person enough to let them come into your room of secrets. And when you do, it means you love that person that much to trust them. I remember what Lee Jin Sang said in this series: “You know how some men are. They’d rather be bad guys than incompetent guys.” However, when you really love, it means that you’re willing to be vulnerable enough in front of the person you claim to love. When you choose to be a bad guy then I can say that it’s simply not love. Love means you’re willing to lose your pride over love; and this applies to both men and women. It doesn’t mean that you lose yourself; it’s just that you’re willing to negotiate your ego to find the middle way.

source: tvN

Though I knew it before that this drama series gained high ratings, I didn’t have much expectation when I started watching it. However, “Another Oh Hae Young” had successfully exceeded any expectation that I might have. It satisfied me in every sense. I was laughing so hard since the first episode because of the comedy. And I was crying like a baby during the sad scenes. And along the way, I was just able to figure out why “Another Oh Hae Young” succeeds in gaining high ratings and a lot of public’s attention. Yes, this drama series is just a whole package of entertainment! The plot is well-built. The characters are strongly depicted; not only the main but also the supporting ones. The soundtracks are whether lively or melancholic –according to the atmosphere– and are well-suited with the drama storyline. Some of the scenes even still remain in memories until now; that’s just how memorable and how impactful this drama series has left some imprints in my heart. Perhaps, because in some way to some extent, I feel related to the ordinary Oh Hae Young. This story just resonates within my life. Moreover, I love how the director gave some rooms toward the actors to improvise their acting on some scenes. It’s beyond hilarious. As surreal as it is, it still feels real and rational and it could be happening in anyone’s life. Some dialogues are just so realistic; they speak our feelings. “Another Oh Hae Young” is super recommended to watch, like, seriously, it cannot be missed. You have to watch it.

“In the vision I saw this time, that woman is running towards me. She embraces me after that. But what if I don’t hold onto her at this moment? Would I be able to cut her out of my life? Even if I avoid her as best as I could, it feels like I won’t ultimately be able to cut her off. It feels like that woman keeps on unraveling me. It’s like she’s telling me, ‘Stop being miserable and let’s be happy together’.” –Park Do Kyung (Another Miss Oh, 2016)

“When I think about it, I’ve never really given myself to love one hundred percent. I was always cautious and nervous. I worried if I liked the person more. Let’s not do that anymore. If I meet someone I like, I will love the man all the way until I get dumped. I will never turn around crying because I was yelled at to get lost. I will hold onto the man and not let go even if I get beaten up. I will give it everything. Should you fall in such love once in your lifetime?” –Oh Hae Young (Another Miss Oh, 2016)

“Being in love is so much more fun than eating. And it makes you a million times happier. You’re happy even when you starve. People who are in love don’t go crazy over delicious dishes. They don’t fuss over bad ones either. Because they are already happy enough.” –Oh Hae Young (Another Miss Oh, 2016)

“I don’t care if I die, but I won’t die with regret. I will never die with regret. I will go all the way to where my heart takes me.” –Park Do Kyung (Another Miss Oh, 2016)

“Once you acknowledge that things are transient, you don’t waste your energy on useless things.” –Park Do Kyung’s father (Another Miss Oh, 2016)


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