Some Things to Think About

I ask myself sometimes,
      Will I ever lose my faith upon humanity someday,
      Like many people before me did?

Over time, the war has done unimaginable things to people,
Over generations, the social pressure has created unthinkable mess,
Women, men, children, old people, we are all victims of the system,
Will we die without the power of control towards our own self?

People who don’t read books are not better than people who can’t read.
However, it’s not stopping at just reading some books.
What’s more important is the understanding upon the books we read.
Hence, a discussion is significant after reading some books.
       And moreover,
       With whom we have that discussion; the people.
       Will they be able to give us some new perspectives?
       Will they be compatible with our flow of thoughts?
       Will they be able to understand our standpoint of view?
       Will they be counterbalanced with our language?
       Will they be able to comprehend?

I look around me and I feel blessed,
Since I am surrounded by people who are able to enlighten the discussion.
Since I have some things to think about,
       Rather than just read some books and let it wash away like that,
       Or just ended up being a post on social media.

Well I guess,
       My faith upon humanity will linger on for some long time.



1 komentar

  1. Very nice post, Mashita!
    It's kinda easy to lose faith in humanity as we've seen/been passing through so many injustices daily.
    Some people use to criticize the ones whom "don't fit" their criteria as if they were a model to be followed. The sick part of it is that the criticized ones usually start believing in what they're hearing. Even when they don't believe in something, sometimes they blame themselves for not fitting in the crowd.