Playing Antagonist

Has it ever occurred to you,
           when you write about general things, for general people,
           without any intention to point the gun to a particular person,
           but someone out there, out of the blue, gives some response?
           Perhaps out of offended feelings towards your words.
Well, it happens to me many times.
Perhaps they find my words offensive.
Perhaps they just simply dislike me, hence every of my thoughts.
Or perhaps, my words are simply the truth; the truth that they deny,
           hence they find it offensive,
           hence they are aggrieved about it,
           hence they feel they need to give some response,
           hence they are mad.
Indeed, anger is the people’s first natural reaction towards the truth they won’t admit.
It’s okay, though,
      I’ve been very used to it.
I’ve been very used to play the antagonist.
I let them hate me,
      for by doing that,
      they unconsciously hate themselves too;
      and it’s pitiful.



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