Like an Ordinary Lovers

I do love the scent of your hair,
     That softly greets me every morning I wake up like this.
And sometimes I’m afraid of the way you stare,
     In case you’ll figure out it makes my heart beats fast like this.
I do like the way you laugh and smile,
     And your eyes shine bright every time you’re teasing me.
And most of the time every once in a while,
     I miss holding your hands, as we aimlessly spending time just you and me.

We used to watch movies together at the cinemas.
We used to go to the beach, to the mountain.
We used to visit the museums, the art gallery.
We used to go to the music performance, book discussion.
We used to play at the game stations.
Once we went to see night lanterns at the hill.
Once we went to amusement park and rode that ferris wheel.
Where did that time go?
I wonder.
And I miss it.
There are more places and events I want to go with you.
Will we have the time?
I wonder.
And I hope.

But you just want to fly high like an eagle.
I heard you singing that song some nights ago.



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