Cherished Serendipity

Do you know why I cherish our meeting so much?
      That day when you stared at me from the upstairs,
      That time when you got into the same college as I.
In this era of modernity and advance technology,
      Our fate is often made by human themselves,
      By the math formulas and algorithm in the dating apps,
      By the numbers and digital construct within the judgmental perception.
      Hence our choices were built by the compatibility that we pick ourselves,
      And it was no surprises since the math does its job.
But our meeting wasn’t like that.
      It was the universe instead of human-made digital codes.
      It was like a destined path naturally created by our prior choices;
      Choices that we didn’t even imagine would lead to this.
      That’s why it was like a surprise; like an unexpected present, a joyful gift.
      No math and algorithm, only roads that were intertwined at the right time and place.
It was a serendipity.
And that is why our meeting is so precious.
      That time when we took the same class together.
      That time when I used to watch you sitting on the stairs.

In my eyes back then, you stood out among your friends.
In my eyes till today, you still stand out among everything.



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