The Eternal Vow

The veil has been opened,
The flower petals have been sprinkled,
The white dress, the bouquet, and those relieved smiles,
Those happy tears, the family, and good fellas,
We don’t know but we believe,
That this is what is meant to be,
For them it is the dreams come true,
And they show us that they do,
For love always wins and conquers all,
For love prevails, till forever and more,
And together they are very best,
And under the sky they are blessed,
As they are embraced in each other’s arms,
They dance together it feels so warm,
In this battlefield of life they have each other to stand strong,
So no matter how hard it could be they know they would’ve always won,
For where they are is their home all along,
And that is where they belong.


*In a wedding celebration of one of my favorite couples, as well as our very good friends and family, Cyril and Patricia. May all the joy and prosperity in the universe for both of them and their marriage life. Amen.


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