Shallow Sadness

Do you stare at the mirror every single morning,
And think that you are the most pathetic person in the world?
Well, trust me, you aren’t.

Do you think to yourself while sitting in your backyard every night,
That you are the most miserable person in the universe?
Well, I can guarantee, you aren’t.

Do you smoke your cigarette all alone now,
And feel that you are the loneliest person on Earth?
Well, let me tell you, you aren’t.

Do you take a look back into yourself this far,
And think that you’ve led the most hurtful battle in this life?
Well, I can only say that, believe me, you aren’t.

Everybody walks on their own shoes,
And we never really know how others feel,
For we cannot really walk on their shoes.
So let’s just walk side by side,
I stand by you, and you stand by me,
Hold each other’s hand, and ease each other’s pain.

I’m always here for you, if you would only care,
I never leave you, if you would only realize,
We can choose to not feel sad, if you would only want it.



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