An Ocean of Thoughts

And he poured a hellfire on her with his words,
When he told her that he didn’t fit in his own skin,
By the brutal truth she got lost all day in her own thoughts,
And it made her wonder whether her presence means something.

A boat is not going to row on its own,
And we cannot wait until it’s gone for us to understand what it’s worth,
A flower will never grow on its own,
And we must take care of love if we want to make it live on.

And I am sorry if your present is not as good as your yesterdays,
But if you could open your heart, here I am for a better tomorrow,
And I do apologize if my presence cannot compensate for who is absence,
But if you could open your mind, here I am to accompany you grow through what you go through.



2 komentar

  1. I've been loving your new approach, especially with your lovely pictures!!!
    I love your posts, Mashita!!!

    Best Regards,
    Jorge Augusto

    1. Hi Jorge,

      i'm sorry for taking so long to respond to your comment. Thank you for always keeping up with me, it's so nice of you. I hope you enjoy my new approach as I enjoy making it. :)

      warmest regards,