The Drifter

The road is empty tonight, and so is this seat beside,
Blankly staring at the wall, fading buzzing sound all around.
People are searching for freedom, but they find loneliness instead,
They are busy wandering around, only to find that they are homebound.

The wind is blowing harder this morning, and the cold is piercing the bone,
The heart becomes numb, as the silence inside the head is screaming loud.
People are longing for freedom, but finding themselves all alone in the illusion,
They are busy straying around, only to find themselves being lost in the crowd.

The music is on and they play your favorite song, a beautiful ode,
But how is it possible to feel lonely among the crowd on the dance floor?
People are wishing for freedom, by putting themselves all alone on the road,
But tell me, when the day is over, could they find what they’re looking for?



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