Sweet Life

You wake up in the morning,
The first thing you see is your lover’s sleeping face,
And the next thing you see is the sun’s light peeking through the window,
And that is how you start the day with a smile.
You check yourself in the mirror,
And you love every single bit of yourself.
You put your clothes on,
And you like every single fabric you fit on your skin.
You meet up with some friend,
And there goes the random chatting,
And those never-get-old shameless jokes,
But you laugh so hard anyway as always.
You come back home to the love of your life,
He gives you kiss and you have dinner together,
As you are telling stories of how each other’s day was,
And he sings a lullaby as he embraces you to sleep.
And this,
This is the moment you realize,
Life can’t be much sweeter than this.



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