Such a Sweet Sorrow

A star is falling again tonight,
As I watch the night sky is brightened by her smile,
And my tears are falling,
As I can still remember clearly the warmth of her embrace,
A bad feeling never lies,
Who guesses that it's her I would lose this time?
She had a good life, right?
I cry as I ask him a question that doesn’t have to be answered,
She led an amazing life,
As graceful as she was,
And perhaps she’s just missing her husband too much this time,
And that’s why she’s going away,
As much as we care for her,
She doesn’t belong here with the mortals,
For she belongs in Heaven,
Along with the Gods,
And with her beloved husband,
Parting is such a sweet sorrow, said Shakespeare,
And I let her go tonight with a smile on my lips and tears on my cheeks,
Thank you for coming by in my life,
Thank you for being a graceful woman as you were,
I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you more,
I’m sorry that I couldn’t fulfill your last wish,
So long and goodnight, Ma’am...
And see you in another life.


*In memoriam of our beloved Ibu Sumilah. May she rest in peace.


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