There were nights I got sleepless,
On one of those nights, I wrote a diss for you,
It was a diss I will never disclose,
It was a diss that will definitely insult you.

There were nights I talked to myself too much,
Those nights when I got lost in this dark palace of mind,
They were nights when I wasted for drinking too much,
They were nights when I coudn’t find a peace of mind.

There were nights I was trapped in my maze of thoughts,
Thoughts that were so cruel till it ripped my senses,
They were the feed-my-insecurities kind of thoughts,
Thoughts that only led me to ugly inferiorities.

There were nights just like tonight,
The night when I feel estranged from the world,
The night when I feel lonely though I hold you tight,
The night when I scream my pain in loud silence till I’m hurled.



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