At the Corner of the Heart

Dear friend of mine,
Tell me,
He’s been raining on your parade for years, seven or more probably,
You’ve been on your knees with tears, and it’s breaking you horribly,
So tell me,
What’s more to it that you keep holding on to something perishable?
What’s left of you in the end of this turning table?

Dear friend of mine,
Show me,
Those scars he’s been scarving deep on your heart,
The soul that has been tore apart,
So don’t be afraid and show me,
For I will try my best to caress all of your pain,
Though I know I’m not the one who can ease your mind.

Dear friend of mine,
I’ll try,
You know it all too well that I will never give up on you,
More than just a friend, you’re a family that I choose too,
And I will always try,
Though it’s been hurting me to see you hurt all this time,
Though it’s been devastating to know you drown yourself in grime,
But I will never give up trying.

I’ll listen, I’m all ears,
I’ll be there anytime you call,
I’ll speak the truth,
I’ll embrace when words are failing to sooth.



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