The Shape of Your Heart

And that one night,
In front of a cup of white coffee for me and a cup of hot tea for you,
You showed me the shape of your heart.

When I was breaking apart,
You were holding all the remain pieces of me.
When I was extremely exhausted,
You were putting a bandage upon my broken heart.
When I was about to give up,
You were kissing my weary mind with ease, and love.
And river started to flow in me all over again.

When I was about to let go,
You reached my hands, and held them tight,
As you pulled me closer, you whispered,
About how I meant for you, for your life, your universe,
About whom I am for you, for your self, your existence.
And I was reminded once again that we’re in this together,
That you would eventually take on my side,
That we were in gratitude for having each other.

It was heartwarming,
And I knew I was on my way to home.
Yes, I’m on my way now.



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