My Kind of One Fine Day at the Beach

I’m an observant kind of girl,
I have my own way to enjoy my time, to feel things around me.
Rather than wearing bikini on beach and giggling around,
I prefer strolling quietly, feeling the soft sand and warm sea water on my feet,
I prefer watching other people and their happiness, kids, couples, group of friends,
Wondering how they end up at the same place in the same time as me,
I prefer taking photos of little details, corals, waves, the sky and clouds,
I prefer random talking to random people, strangers, fishermen, travelers,
 Just to get to know, to see, to feel, to understand.
It doesn’t matter if the sunlight burned my skin,
Since it will come back to its original color anyway,
But rather than taking my clothes off and flirting around,
I prefer sitting quietly, feeling the warm breeze brushing my face and hair,
Sinking in deep thoughts while staring at the sky and the sea meeting on the horizon,
I prefer sipping my cold beer quietly, while reading some book if I brought one,
If my companion would like to take me playing in the water,
Then I would gladly take their hands and go with them.
If not, then I would happily laying on the sand, feeling the wind,
And playing some music in my head.

You might think that I’m a boring person by the way I spend my time on the beach,
But at the time I leave that wondrous place and come back home,
I have some ideas to create; not just some sexy selfies to upload.
I found some new perspectives –inspirations to wonder,
Hence I can call it a time well spent,
Since our lives pass by in a flashlight,
I want to leave a meaningful trace for the society;
A piece of poem more than a pretty body in bikini.



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