A Letter from Home III

I walked around the room as I packed my things, our things.

The cold wall around me asked what I am thinking about,
I answered,
“I miss him.
I miss our time together,
The good and the bad, the roller-coaster,
The laughter and the tears,
The hopes, dreams, and fears,
Those are times well spent.”

The cold floor asked me the moment which I miss the most,
I answered,
“It’s in every simple little detail,
It’s when our skin rubs each other accidentally when we’re sleeping next to each other,
It’s in his soft breath as well as his loud snoring he makes while he’s fast asleep beside me,
It’s in the way he put his arm as my pillow, even when knowing that it will give him a stiff arm in the morning,
It’s when we brush our teeth together, when we rub each other body with soaps though we have our hands to do that,
It’s when I make a cup of tea every morning even without him asking me to,
It’s when he eats all the food I cook even when it doesn’t suit his tastebuds,
It’s when we play game console together, even though I end up sulking every time I lose the game,
It’s in the way he just sits there reading webcomics,
It’s in the way he is around.”

The lonesome pillow asked me what I would do now,
I answered,
“I would do everything that it takes to get to him,
For I know that we can gain those moments, anywhere, anytime,
As long as we are together.
I would attempt every effort that can bring me to him,
For I know that we can create those moments, anywhere, anytime,
As long as we are together.
In this constant changing of life, I know we can withstand,
Because we are ‘us’.”

The silence caught me as I retraced that night not so long ago,
You put my hand on your chest,
And put your hand on mine,
As you said,
“This...is home.”

We may move in and move out from a house to another,
But the home is always there,
It’s in you,
It’s in me,
It’s in us.



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