When We're Finally Home

I don’t wanna cry every time I meet you,
But forgive me because I always do.
Just like you said, it’s because I’m too patient, too much missing you,
    too much missing us, too much overwhelming feelings that I cannot contain.

Just like that night in the terrace of your parents’ house.
And just like last night in the room of our own.
It was just last night when we had the heart-to-heart talking,
Tears were streaming down on my face again.

And thankfully, you always succeed in consoling my pain,
                wipe away my tears,
                turn them into a bunch of smiles and kisses.

I was bending a lot for you;
      Because I’ve put my trust on you,
      Because I understand you; the pressure, the pain, the depression.
      Because I give my best to embrace you, and accept you.
      Because I lack of so much and cannot provide you with anything.
I don’t demand anything much, just for you to, please, give a more care towards my heart,
      So that it won’t be broken as it bends.
And I was so glad that you listened, and understood.
“I will find a way to stop it,” you said, about your young fling that gives you the illusion of young love.
I hope you really meant what you said. And I will keep you words.
I will be waiting. I give you time and I won’t push you.
I only need you to remember your way back home.

“Commitment isn’t built overnight,” I said to you,
“and we’re in the process of building it; learning and putting some efforts, through the years and it may be a never ending process.”
“You are my mature love. And to you, I will always come back to.” You said.

Last night in our own room,
You put your hand on my chest, and said,
“Because this, is home,”
And you put my hand on your chest, and said,
“This, is home.”
And my heart felt at ease.
I smiled as tears fell down upon my cheek.
And you kissed away the pain, again.
And then you whispered,
“I’m here. I’m always here.”
As you held me tight, you whispered one more time,
“I love you.”



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