The Teak Tree

That Sunday morning in the city of concrete jungle,
You sit on the chair beside the window, with me on your lap,
You leaned your head on mine, and as you rested in my arms you said,
“It’s peaceful.”
Don’t you know that I feel the same?

A teak tree may show different appearances as it adjust to the season,
But it’s still the same old teak tree,
And so does a human,
We may show different skin as we adapt to our surrounding,
But it’s still ourselves.

So don’t be afraid.

And last night, I listened to my heartbeat one by one,
As I looked into your eyes and said these words,
“And I will love every skin of yours.”

And as the night deepened,
You held my hand and whispered to me once again,
“We’re in this together.”
And that was how I found the peace of love.



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