Gone Too Soon

Grandma used to tell me a story about people who died and became stars in the sky,
She said that those people weren’t really leaving,
Their body might be buried six feet deep down the ground,
But their soul became a star in the sky.
They’re always here, watching over us, and never leave us alone.

Those people, Grandma said, were mostly passing away sooner than we thought,
The unborn babies, the ill children, the murdered teenagers.
They were gone while doing their passion, the only thing when they feel most alive,
The lost mountain hikers, the crashed racer, the fallen stars.
They were gone in a sudden, at their peak of the lifetime, beloved by many people,
James Dean, Nike Ardilla, Heath Ledger, Marco Simoncelli, Kim Joo Hyuk.
They were stars on Earth, and so they became stars on the sky.

I believe, as Grandma said, those people who were gone too soon are the best people.
As kind-hearted as they were, the Heaven loved them too much,
So that it called them to become the stars on the sky.
They were someone’s son or daughter,
They were someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife,
They were someone’s fiancé or fiancée,
They were someone’s father or mother,
They were someone’s sister or brother,
They were someone’s best friend or role model,
And they will always be. And they will always be remembered, in loving memory.
For all the laughters and tears they brought,
For all the inspiration they gave,
For all the love they spread.

And as the stars shine on the night winter sky,
May their soul rest in peace.


*In memoriam of Kim Joo Hyuk (October 3rd 1972 - October 30th 2017)
 Remember this member forever.


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