A Letter from Home II

Tonight, I walk alone on this empty street that we used to walk together side by side.
As always, I’m glad to be able to meet those memories of us, even the most painful ones.
And then the wind whispers to me, asking me what I’m wondering about,
I say,
“If only I had a superpower, I would like a power that makes me able to let him know about my feelings without having to say it all; instead, I could simply just touch him and then he would know what I feel inside,
For I always find it hard to tell my most honest and sincere feeling with my own mouth,
For I always being choked up whenever I try to say those things,
For I always end up crying hard like a baby after saying all those things,
For there’s no word can be found to express my exact feelings,
For there are too many things across my mind when it comes to him,
For this mixed-feelings is too hard to depict.”

As the drizzle comes down upon the Earth and touches my skin,
The raindrops slowly falls and asks me softly, what I’m wishing for right now,
I say,
“I wish I could turn into the dust,
Hence the wind could take me away to where he is now,
Hence I can be by his side now.
As I fly away to him, I’d gather up my small heart and this coward self,
Hence once I meet him, I can speak,
About my darkest fear, my deepest hope, my ugliest side.
And after that, I would not worry even if I die tomorrow,
As long as his face is the last thing I could see.
And after that, I would not be afraid if tomorrow never comes,
As long as I can be in his arms for the last time.”

As the thunder speaks loudly in the sky,
It asks me what I want to say to you right now,
And I say,
“I just want him to know that I love him,
No matter how the situation has changed,
No matter how his heart has changed,
No matter how doubtful he is now towards our relationship, towards me, towards the future,
I love him.
Hence I’m willing to accept and embrace him for whomever he is,
For who he is completely, in a whole package.
No matter whomever he will turn into in the distant future,
I will love that version of him too.
For I know him,
And I love him for who he is, completely, in a whole package.”



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