I treat myself a drink tonight,
Just like what other people usually do when they are heartbroken,
They try to replace the emptiness inside their heart with the crowd,
They try to fill the hollow inside their soul with alcohol.
The band is playing Bob Marley’s song,
No woman no cry, he sings,
Everything is gonna be alright, he sings,
But my heart cannot sing along though my lips do.
I keep checking on my phone once in a while,
But still there is no sign from you,
I guess this is what a heartbroken really feels like,
But wait, I’ve been there before, right?
My friends insist to stay with me tonight,
For they are afraid that I might do something silly,
For I mention about dying like so many times today,
For I really mean it when I say that I think about suicide.
I empty the whole bottle,
Yet it doesn’t erase your face from my mind,
What’s the use in drinking anyway?
It only makes me missing you more.
I guess I’m ruined.



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