Rain of Questions

The rain hasn’t stopped falling,
Just like people who never stop questioning about their identity.
Who are we? What define us?

It’s a cloudy sky upon the Earth,
Just like cloudy minds that never stop wondering.
What is the meaning behind our existence? What do we live for?

They say that happiness is a simple thing,
As simple as seeing the green trees getting soaked by the rainfalls,
As simple as feeling the water pouring down from the sky upon the skin of our face.

They say that beauty is a humble thing,
As humble as seeing the little frog jumping freely under the rain,
As humble as feeling the splash of water when we step our feet on the grass.

For me, happiness is the time I spend with him, the good and the bad,
It is the moment I share with him, the laughter and the cry,
It is the day when I hold his hands, walking with me through the stormy days and starry nights.

For me, beauty is in the deep of his eyes, piercing through my soul,
It is in the warmth of his smile, embracing me with grace and desire.
It is in the peace of his voice, giving me strength and faith to live on.

And the rain is still falling,
And I guess people are still questioning.
And I think we don’t always find the answer right away,
But it is alright, too.
It is fine if we can’t find the answer at the moment,
That way we have purpose to wander,
That way we have reason to ponder.

As the rain falls harder, the longing for you gets deeper.
And I guess it is okay if I can’t meet you now, Dear.
That way I have reason to wait.
And I know that it’s worth it.



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