In Hopes

I could feel you in the wind that softly caress me,
When you’re not even dead... yet.
I could feel you in the sunlight that warmly embrace me,
I could feel you in every breath that I take,
I could feel you in the back of my head.

Where are you now?
You are not as far as those stars in the sky yet you feel so out of reach,
You are not disappearing into dust yet you feel like slipping through my hands,
You are not leaving for another planet yet you feel so estranged and distant,
You are not gone away, and I know that... I can feel it.

Where are you now?
Do you remember those days like today as I remember them?
Those lazy Saturdays we have spent together,
We were getting up late and spending the whole morning cuddling on our bed,
I made you a cup of hot plain tea when I finally got up from bed,
We had a very very late breakfast, or was it a brunch? No, it was definitely a lunch.
After the lunch, when we didn’t know where to go next, (in which we did most of the time),
We would went to our friends’ place, just to spend a whole afternoon and evening there,
Or we would go to the theater to watch some movies,
We would exhaust ourselves till near the middle of the night,
And then we went back home.
Instead of went directly to bed, we would spend the leisure time doing anything,
Having some chit-chat with our housemates,
Or perhaps just doing anything with each other beside,
You played with your game console, or with your guitar,
I did some things with my laptop, writing or watching some variety shows,
And when the time had come we would go to bed.
You gave your arm as my pillow,
And we kissed ourselves to sleep, just to welcome tomorrow,
And tomorrow was just another day.

Tomorrow is another day.
Though things are different now,
Though things have changed now,
Tomorrow is another day for us,
So I send a prayer as the soft wind caress me, as the warm sunlight embrace me,
In hopes that it will reach you, wherever you are now,
Please come to me, on a bright sunny day, please come home to me,
Please come to me, on a dark stormy night, please come home to me,
For I long for you, and I can feel that you long for me too.
Though those days have passed, we can always make a new memorable days,
As long as we are together.
Hold my hands,
And trust in me,
We can do it, together.



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