A Letter from Home I

Under the scorching sun, they asked me what do I like about you.
I said,
“He has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen,
When he stares at me, the feeling just can’t be described with words,
It’s like his could see right through me, in which he does,
He could read me like an open book though he might not realize it.
He has the eyes of an angel, though he may think that he is a devil,
Whenever I look into those eyes, I feel so small yet I feel like I own the world,
For I could see the universe inside those eyes.
He has the kindest heart, though he may think that he is not.
His touch... his touch means the world to me,
Whenever my skin touches his, I could feel the electricity in all over my body to the bones.
He has the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen, though he rarely smiles,
The way his eyes move when he smiles, nothing could be more beautiful than that.”

Beneath the setting sun, they asked me why do I love you.
I said,
“He has the most beautiful mind,
Though it seems difficult and complicated at times, I know that he is pure and sincere in everything he does,
Though he may think that he is lack of sympathy, I know that he is the most humble person.
He feels guilty easily, and though he may seems to be hot tempered, mostly he is just being mad at himself, and perhaps the situation too,
That’s why he hurts himself too much; and it just depicts how pure and sincere he is actually in the inside.
Though he is nagging a lot, he is just being protective towards things that are significant for him.
He is the only man that could understand me.
Though he is cold at times, I know that he is actually a warm-hearted man.
He is being too hard on himself most of the time; and it just depicts how humble he is actually in the inside.
He acts like he doesn’t care, at times, yet I know that he actually cares too much,
It’s just that he has many fears and anxiety,
As fragile as he is, yet he could always stand against his own pain,
And for me, that is a beautiful thing to see.
For me, his hard-working and struggling appearance is the most beautiful thing to see.”

Under the starry night, they asked me what do I miss about you,
I said,
The way he always clean the table after having meals, putting on the plates on their places and all.
The way he always orders plain hot tea and how he reminds me to not consume too much sugar,
How he reminds me to eat vegetables.
He eats a lot yet he doesn’t gain so much weight; I got jealous at him for that thing.
The way he always nagging me for my lack of motivation towards body exercises,
Nagging me for my laziness and procrastination.
The way he scolded me for things I didn’t do right.
The way he winks his eye suddenly, out of nowhere.
The way he pulls a prank on me, even that one time when he purposely electrified me.
The way he plays guitar and sings for me, and though he doesn’t like Korean song, the way he tries to play and sing it is so beautiful.
The way he holds my hand, like he will never let them go;
The way he touches, the way he kisses,
The way he embraces me, like there is no tomorrow.
The way he tells me stories, and his feelings, though he usually go around and around before reaching the main point, I love to listen to it all.
The way he thinks about things, his perspectives, his dreams, even until his fears and worries, I love to embrace it all.”

And there is a lot more to say about you, actually, but it will take forever.
And if you ask me to remind you why we are together in the first place, I can tell a lot, and it will take forever.
And this is just how I feel:
I love you. Hence I’m willing to accept and embrace you for whomever you are, for who you are completely, in a whole package.
No matter whomever you will turn into in the distant future, I will love that version of you too. For I know you. And I love you for who you are, completely, in a whole package.



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