Our Room

And here I’m back in our old room.
Four red-and-white walls that have become the witness of our spring days.
Dark cold floor that has become the spectator of our stormy nights.
The window that has seen two weirdos make love to each other like there is no tomorrow.
The spinning fan that has heard all the fights and arguments.
A stack of two beds that has become our safe haven amidst the cruel and harsh world.

And here I’m waiting ...
As the flood of memories rush into my mind.

You used to sit there on the corner;
Doing something with your laptop.
I used to make two cups of hot tea for both of us.
We used to spend the evening playing Play Station,
Or watching some movies.
I used to sit there, writing something on my laptop,
While you used to fix something, anything, mostly the household appliances.
I used to sit there, reading some books,
While you used to play guitar beside me;
You know it looks romantic for everyone who sees;
A girl who reads a book and a boy who plays guitar.
That was how we used to be.
And that is how we are.
I know.
Our room has captured everything.



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