Under Your Skin

You shot me straight; those deep eyes, those thick eyebrows, those dreamy eyelashes
That was the first time
And you were simply sweet; enchanting
And I was naturally attracted to you
As if you casted a spell upon me
You came closer
And with every step it felt like you say it would be like this forever

You shot me straight; in the darkness, deep into my heart, shivering my whole body
That was the first night
And we were simply burning; an ecstasy
And it was the road I chose
As if you put on a magic towards me
You came closer
And with every kiss we shared it felt like I finally found the reason to my existence

I was yearning for more
And the next thing I know, you got me under your skin

You were piercing deep into me
And desire was running through my veins

Our devils ride; I was going to explode
And the tsunami was taking my breath away

Love is like the red ocean
And lust is the big wave swimming in it

It’s a paradise as well as a hell
A maze of emotions; a wondrous place
I drive you hard
And down there you got me high

Your mind is a million of crystals I always fall for
Your body is a prison I never wanted to escape from

Every of your touch, skin to skin; all I ever wanted
Your body wrapping me in warm embrace; all I ever needed

This morning I woke up on our empty bed
With my whole body missing you
Since it belongs to be under your skin



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