The God of Water and His Bride: First Meeting

You came to me like a fallen star, on a bright summer night like a midsummer night’s dream.
Like a sudden flow from a fountain of water, your warm and tender gaze flattered my soul.
As you took your steps toward me, I froze; still couldn’t believe that it was all not just in my dream.
And then there you were, standing right in front of me.
Saying that you are the God of the water, and that I am your bride. Could this all be just a dream?
I couldn’t believe of what you said and just left you like that.

Next day on a deserted land far away from the city, I met you again.
Your hand gently stroke my face as you said that you are glad to meet me again.
I was just about to leave when you made me taking you along.
You said that you will follow wherever I’m going. Should I just believe in you?
Everything is already so hard for me in this life. Could your existence make it harder?
Everything is already so difficult for me these day. Could I lean on you, even for just a moment?

Why did I keep falling for you?
For a second my heart skipped a beat when you held me in your arms inside the trunk.
Seemed like I could lean on you, even for just a moment.
We were stopping by on the side of the road. I tried to leave, but you called me once again.
You came to me like a summer breeze, on a bright summer night when the flower petals were falling beautifully.
For a moment there, time stopped, as your lips gently kissed mine.


*inspired from Korean drama series "Bride of the Water God"


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