10 Hours Since You Left

It’s only been 10 hours since you left,
Yet I can’t seem to get my shits together, yet.
I’ve been watching movies, comedy, of course,
I’ve been smoking, even drinking a red wine,
But those all didn’t help.
I’ve been wearing yourgrey warm sweater,
Just to make me feel like you were holding me.
I’ve been inhaling your sweet masculine perfume,
Just to make me feel like you were around;
Like nothing has changed,
But sadly it didn’t change the fact that things have changed now.
I’ve been crying my heart out,
I’ve been screaming my pain off,
But that all didn’t work.
I feel so sleepy yet I can’t sleep.
I know I need some sleep yet I can’t.

They say that the first night is always the worst.
But somehow I just have this bad feeling that it will be worse tomorrow.
How many more nights do I have to feel this way?
I’m swallowing my second aspirin for today as I’m writing this.



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