That Night When She Realized

There she was sitting alone in the dark.
Her lover was only two rooms apart, but hollowness filled the air as the wound burst.
Tears were streaming down her face. Her heart was broken.
She never felt lonelier.

There she was sitting alone in darkness.
Her lover was only a few meters apart, but sadness filled the room as the silence reigns.
Pain was taking over her heart. Her soul was dying.
She never felt emptier.

There was no word from him that night,
no touch, no kiss, no hug, not a single glance.
She never felt colder.

There was no smile on his face that night,
no warmth, no tender, no sweetness, not a slight attention.
She never felt more unwanted.

There she was staring alone at the dark.
She never felt more hopeless.
Everything seemed helpless.
And that was the night when she realized.



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