When You Were Away

This house feels empty.
And here is only me staring blankly at the dark ceiling.
Hard rain is falling along with the strong wind.
And the electricity is going out again and again.
What a perfect night to contemplate and reminisce.

This loneliness is killing me.
I feel so pathetic while writing a letter for you in the dark.
There is no light except from the little candle that is shining weak.
And I feel like Stan writing letters for Slim Shady, with no reply of course.
Can’t you see? This is just how miserable I am without you.

I go to sleep while thinking of you.
I wake up in the morning only to realize that you’re not by my side.
Just like that, I go to the campus and start my daily routine.
I don’t even think of having breakfast or lunch.
And when the night comes again, I leave for home.

But the house is still empty.
This emptiness is still unfamiliar for me.
And I feel this strange exhaustion throughout my body.
My body is aching and I can’t help but keep drinking the pain-killers.
I don’t even think of having dinner before doing it.

Then I continue writing the letter for you.
And of course I do that while smoking my cigarettes, many of them.
There is this dizziness I keep on feeling.
It’s suffocating.
And I can only talk to myself and laugh on my own.

I become mindless as time passes by.
Ah, some days have passed by now.
I even lose the track of time here.
I miss you and I miss you again.
I go to sleep missing you; I wake up missing you.
And I keep on repeating the same routine.
Do you feel the same as I do?

And I keep on asking the same question to myself.
When will you be back here?

And I keep on wondering the same thing.
Do you miss me too?
Do you even think about me?

It is all killing me.
How pathetic myself without you,
And how miserable I am without you,
This is all killing me.

Please come back. Please.



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