The Day You Come Back

Welcome home, dear Fugitive,
If you still consider this place as a home,
If you still consider me as your home,
If you are here now for a thing called home.

Welcome back, dear Stranger,
Would you tell me where you were last night?
Would you tell me whom you spend it with?
Would you tell me while hugging me tight?

I’m glad yet sad to see you.
Were you thinking of me while you were away?
I’m relieved yet disappointed to meet you.
Have you gotten rid of me from your mind while you were away?

Why don’t you say anything at all, Dear?
I can see clearly that your mind is still haunted by fear.
I can see clearly too that I have been replaced by her.
What your mind says, I can’t see but I can clearly hear.

Just so you know, I wrote you a letter,
With all hopes that it could make everything better.
You must read it, and maybe we can talk it all after,
With all hopes that it would be alright again later.

However though,
I’m sorry I won’t be here tonight.
Guess I’m just not ready yet to fight.
Guess I just don’t have enough sense yet to make it right.

My heart is broken when you refused to hug me.
After all of those rejections from you, guess I just don’t have heart to stay.
My heart is tore apart when you deject to touch me.
After all of those neglecting from you, guess I just don’t have the heart to stay.

Who is she to take you away from me?
Guess she could fulfill your emptiness.
Who is she to make you turn your back away from me?
Guess now I’ve become meaningless.

Thank you for coming back.
Thank you for making me waiting.
Thank you for turning away your back.
Thank you for making me feel like I am nothing.



5 komentar

  1. I really like your love poems. They feel very my style. The words are loving, and a little resentful at the same time. I'm assuming these poems are your own. If yes, you have a great talent, the more so that English seems to be your second language, am I right?

    1. Thank you, Ava. Yup, these poems with initial M.F in it are my own. I'm so glad you like it. Hmmm... apparently English is my second language since I live with some foreigners in the house, hehee

  2. No, I mean, that you seem Indonesian (just guessing) college student. So your first language must be Indonesian. I admire your flawless usage of English, very remarkable. I live in the US, my first language is Polish.

    1. You're right, I'm Indonesian and my first language is Bahasa Indonesia. What I mean is that English is probably my second language (that I usually use) since I live together with my friend from France (and I cannot speak French), heheee..

      How long have u been living in US? Are u studying in there?

  3. I didn't want you to think that I said your English was imperfect. I just recognized the fact you have an unusual name, and checked you out, and found out you're Indonesian. I can speak/read French a little...^_^
    I spent almost 2 yrs in France long time ago.