That Night

I just can’t forget that night in your car,
We parked in front of a closed wedding organizer office,
Talked about how our relationship has gone so far and stuffs,
We laughed and cried upon all of those silly but meaningful revelations.

I just can’t forget how you stared at me that night,
I felt hate, and love at the same time, an abundance of love,
I felt it in the way you hold my hands, and your embrace,
I felt it in the way you touch, and your sudden kisses on my lips.

I just can’t forget all the things you said that night,
Things about how you feel for me, for us, for our relationship,
Things about dreams, fears, and every thing we used to talk, and more than we used to,
You said you always know that I was the one, and so does for me too.

That night was just different, and special, and precious,
That night defined us, me, you, and ourselves,
That was the night when we found “us” all over again,
That night was everything.



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