A Million Years

I know what I would have been missed if I ever missed you.
I know what I will be missed of if I let go of you.
It is the long, deep, exhausting, and high emotionally cost conversations we share;
It is the enlightening discussions we have;
It is the weird, sarcastic, and paradoxical jokes we laugh at;
It is the heart-wrenching realities we cry for;
It is the beauty of how our different perspectives are entangled as one massive madness.
It is in the hot cup of tea we share every morning;
It is in the long ride on the motorcycle through the hard rain on our way back home;
It is in the warmth of our hands held together;
It is in the bed and blanket envelops us every night;
It is in the amenities of our bodies unified and our souls fused into one.

Not in a million years I’ll find some others like you to share this relationship that is full of quality,
And not in a million years too you will find another like me.
What we have is rare;
And we understand what we will be missing if we let go of it.



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