7 Ultimate Sad Songs: Indonesian Female Vocalist Edition

There is this kind of desperate sadness. It is a sadness which you could not share with anybody else no matter how difficult it feels. It is a sadness that you could only keep for yourself no matter how hard it feels. It is a sadness which you do not have any idea what to do about it. It is a sadness that kills you inside while you have to act out like nothing happens outside. It is a sadness which makes you cry inside while you have to smile outside. It is a sadness that you cannot explain why and where did it come from. You feel so sad that you feel so desperate about it. And at time like that, you listen to some songs to find a sanctuary within your heart; because deep inside, you know, and you understand it all too well, that nothing could mend you but your own self. At time like that, you listen to some songs to make yourself feel better. You listen to some songs to help you cry your heart out in order to make you feel relieved. You listen to some songs to help you get all the bad thoughts out from your head and mind. You listen to some songs, really sad ones, just to help you get finish with all the negative feelings; since negative times negative is positive. So here is the fifth part of Ultimate Sad Songs series: seven saddest songs performed by Indonesian female vocalist.

7. Melly Goeslaw feat. Krisdayanti – Cinta (Love)
Opening up the list on number seven here I have a beautiful heart-wrenching song titled “Cinta (Love)”, performed by the famous Indonesian singer-songwriter, Melly Goeslaw, featuring the Indonesian diva, Krisdayanti. Taken from Goeslaw’s second solo studio album, “Intuisi”, it was released in 2005 as the original soundtrack for movie, “Tentang Dia”. Coming from two of most powerful Indonesian female vocalists, this one is such a powerful melancholic ballad duet written by Goeslaw and her husband, Anto Hoed. The lyrics speak the hollow sadness as well as the strong will of someone who doesn’t want to lose love anymore; since they have felt in once and been lost.

“Near you, I feel safe. Your mellow eyes are full of questions; would this mystery of life be disappeared and ended happily ever after? Love, toughen my heart; don’t want anything to take you away. My mind says, don’t want to be repeated again to lose the love; heart is like a body without soul. I hold your words to love someone who loves me. The heart which was sailing now has harbored. Is our life must be happy in the end?”

6. Agnes Monica – Karena Ku Sanggup (Because I Could)
Next on number six of the list is coming from the Indonesian diva, Agnes Monica, with her one of big hits titled “Karena Ku Sanggup (Because I Could)”. It was released in 2010 as the singer’s lead single for her 2011 greatest hits album, “Agnes is My Name”. Written by Monica herself and produced by the famous composer Andi Rianto, this power ballad track has heartbreaking lyrics that follow the story of someone who has to let go of her significant other for some other person. Personally, I feel related with this song. Hence I got infatuated with it. Years ago, I had to let go of someone who was the love of my life. This song depicts well the sadness and the strong will of letting go of someone we really need in our life; because we could, though we do not want to. Because we could, then we would let go, though it is painful.

“Let me touch you; give me that feeling; your embrace that once was for me. I cannot force you to stay by my side, though you’re the one who always hurt me with all you’ve done. But just go; do not regret it. Because I could, though I do not want to stand alone without you. I don’t want you to hesitate to leave me; if that’s the way it must be.”

5. Memes – Janji Hati (Heart’s Promise)
Up on number five of the list is a heartbreaking song performed by Memes, titled “Janji Hati (Heart’s Promise)”. Written by Irwan and Andre of Stinky, it was released in 1999 as the title song for the singer’s sixth studio album of the same name. This ballad track’s lyrics speak about someone who longs for her long-gone significant other. Though it was a painful breakup and that person has left a deep scar, somehow she still keep a promise within her heart; a heart’s promise towards that person. No matter how many times have passed now, it is unforgettable since there is still guilt in deep inside her heart, as well as there is still a heartbreaking pain buried deep inside her soul. She keeps on blaming herself that her significant other had left her and now has another love. But there is nothing she could do to fix it. Hence she is drowning in her pain and sadness of the broken promise.

“I open the sheets of my soul; my heart that had been forgotten. Long ago, I had buried it in your shadow. Still I could clearly feel the pain that you left, and will never be gone. I want to let go of you; leave the past behind. But I’m just not able to go from your heart, more and more. Perhaps it is my fault that now you have another love. In this day, there is still heart’s promise I keep for you forever.”

4. Novia Kolopaking – Asmara (Romance)
I have a classic hit performed by Novia Kolopaking titled “Asmara (Romance)” on number four of the list. Written by the famous songwriter, Chossy Pratama, it was released in 1997 as the title song for the singer’s fourth studio album of the same name. The album itself was the last album that Kolopaking released, since she got retired early from the industry after marrying Emha Ainun Najib in 1997. Ever since I listened to this song, it captured me with its melancholic melody and lyrics. This heart-wrenching ballad song has lyrics that tell about a woman who got her heart broken because of her significant other’s infidelity. She feels lost because of the broken trust and promises. However, no matter how hurt she is, she cannot help but love the man. Hence she feels so desperate; desperate for romance.

“All alone, I wipe away these tears on my cheek. Cannot believe what has happened; your love is now divided. Should I end this love just right here? There is no way I could leave and break this up. This shattered heart wants to break free. Don’t crush the desire. Should I beg for love to wash away the pain? Romance; where again should I look for it? Who is going to chase away the loneliness when I’m alone?”

3. Nike Ardilla – Biarkan Cintamu Berlalu (Let Your Love be Gone)
Starting the big three of the list, I have a song titled “Biarkan Cintamu Berlalu (Let Your Love be Gone)”, performed by one of Indonesian legendary female singers, the late Nike Ardilla, on number three. It was released in 1994 as the title song for the late Lady Rocker’s ninth studio album of the same name. I grew up listening to every of the late Ardilla’s song, since my Mother is a big fan of her. And actually, it is kind of hard to choose which one of her saddest song, since during her career in the music industry, she had sung many melancholic songs. However, I decide to choose this one because of the signature guitar melody intro that is very beautifully heart-wrenching. Written by the famous songwriter, Deddy Dores, this rock ballad song follows the story of a woman who is going through a post breakup syndrome. She pours out her emotion caused by the hurtful separation as she tries hard to let the love be gone by facing her pain and loneliness.

“Let me go, walk along the winding road. Though it is hurt that I feel, without the love again. Beautiful dreams are only temporary. Just like a flower that has withered, you throw me away. Just like this, the end of my love story. Hurting in the deep of the heart. I try to sing though in loneliness. I must say, love life with you, let it go further away.”

2. Nicky Astria – Misteri Cinta (The Mystery of Love)
On the runner-up position here I have a song titled “Misteri Cinta (The Mystery of Love)”, performed by the Lady Rocker, Nicky Astria, on number two of the list. The power ballad track was written by Ully Sigar Rusady and was released in 1985, taken from Astria’s second studio album, “Jarum Neraka”. Since my Mother is a big fans of every Lady Rocker that Indonesia has, hence I grew up listening to all Astria’s songs too. This song has poetical lyrics that speak about the mystery of love; that it brings happiness and sadness at the same time and how people in love are willing to give up anything they have when they are in love. And the most important thing is that how people are surrender in front of love; how they are still craving for love no matter how painful they know it could be. The lyrics are so beautifully written and heart-wrenching too at the same time for it depicts the reality of love that is full of mystery.

“When love harbors in the pier, I walk along the winding rocky cliff. Not giving much care about the sand that hurts, I surrender in its arms. If love is smeared with lies, I’m drowning in its muddiness. Since it gives a light, though it crucifies me painfully. The pain of deep intimacy is a wound because of its piercing. The drop of blood on the happiness is voluntary on its trill.”

1. Potret – Bunda (Mother)
Here we come at the top position of the list; I have a song titled “Bunda (Mother)” by Indonesian band, Potret, on number one. It was released in 1997, taken from the band’s second studio album, “Potret II”. This ballad track is hell of a song. It is so beautiful that it could make me feel sad and even cry every time I listen to it. Since the lyrics speak about the love for Mother, I bet that everyone who knows and understands this song would agree with me that it is a melancholic heartfelt song. Well I actually have nothing left to say about this song. The beautiful melody of the piano, Melly Goeslaw’s soft voice, and the heart-warming lyrics; everything just falls right into place in this song.

“Beautiful melodies always come from her. Naughty cries from my lips will not be her misery. Soft and holy hands have brought up this self. Body, soul, and all of her life; she’s willing to give. Oh, Mom, is and isn’t there yourself, you will always be in my heart.”


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