Born to Save the Day: 7 Best Male Superhero Casting Choices on Movies

From a comic book into a movie, from a television cartoon into a live-action film, from a picture into a motion picture, superheroes are being reproduced from time to time. For decades, so many Hollywood actors have been casted as male superheroes for the big screen. Among them, there are some failed casting, which turn out to be the worst casting choices ever in the history of superhero movies. However, I’m not going to talk about those failures. Instead, I’m going to talk about several successful casting that, even until now, is remembered as the best casting choices in the journey of superhero movies. So here is for today’s Male Special Part 2: Ways of Being A Man, I present my list of seven best male superhero casting choices on movies. Though people say that heroes aren’t born but made, apparently not every man can be a hero; because some men, believe it or not, were born to save the day, well, my day, at least.

7. Chris Pratt as Star-Lord
Starting up the list on number seven I have Chris Pratt for his portrayal as Star-Lord a.k.a Peter Quill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Pratt’s Star-Lord, as the actor himseld stated in an interview, is a mix of Han Solo and Marty McFly. He likes to play around, makes jokes in anywhere at any time, seems like never take anything seriously, but in the end, he does everything. Prior to filming, Pratt underwent a strict diet and training regimen to lose about 27 kg in six months. And the result was, voila! Pratt was in a very great shape when portraying Star-Lord. Pratt’s Star-Lord is so much fun; he sings, he dances, and he’s amusing.

6. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Moving up to number six, here is Ryan Reynolds for his portrayal as Deadpool a.k.a Wade Wilson in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and the upcoming 2016 movie “Deadpool”. Indeed, it was a very brilliant decision for 20th Century Fox to make a spin-off movie for Deadpool. After watching the movie trailer back in August, seriously, I was so excited! I was thrilled; therefore I dub “Deadpool” as one of most anticipated movies in 2016. Reynolds’ Deadpool is, hmmm, there’s no other word better than: BADASS! Seriously (oh my God, I’ve said that twice), we should just watch it. Geez, can’t wait for February 2016 to come.

5. Chris Evans as Captain America
Next on number five, I have Chris Evans for his portrayal as Captain America a.k.a Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie franchise. Up until now, Evans has appeared in six of Marvel Studios’ movies, including two Captain America’s stand-alone movies and two assembled Avengers’ movies. In an interview, Evans admitted that he previously declined the offer to play the role three times, before finally agreeing to take it. Well, great decision, Mr. Evans. Evans’ Captain America is strict, timid, old-fashioned kind of man who always stick to the rules; a typical of military man, a leader. However, he’s hot. Yeah, that’s indisputable. Especially in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” when he wore a dark blue shirt, hmmm, hotness overload.

4. Paul Rudd as Ant-Man
Here we go on number four is Paul Rudd for his portrayal as the Ant-Man a.k.a Scott Lang in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Ant-Man”, and also some more upcoming movies in the franchise. Starting his career as a comedian, who knows that this charming man would someday become a superhero? Well, here he is. Rudd’s Ant-Man is a down-to-earth kind of hero. He saves the day, yet never takes the credit for it. He’s genius and witty, yet as human he has made some mistakes, now trying to create a new life and find redemption. To get in shape for the role, Rudd worked with trainers and cut alcohol, fried foods and carbohydrates out of his diet. And the result was, gorgeous! He’s really in shape! And I have to admit that Rudd has never been better than this. Also, he co-wrote the screenplay for “Ant-Man” himself.

3. Christian Bale as Batman
Opening up the big three of the list, I have Christian Bale for his portrayal as Batman a.k.a Bruce Wayne in the Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. For your information, Bale’s Batman is the only character from DC Comics who appears on this list, sad but true. After losing his a great deal of weight for “The Machinist”, Bale hired a personal trainer to help him gain 45 kg in the span of only a couple of months to help him physically prepare for the role. That’s just how amazingly passionate he is as an actor! Anyway, Batman has actually quite a complex and complicated personality for a superhero, whether as a Batman or Bruce Wayne. Fascinatingly, Bale could portray that well; both the darkness and the light of the character. That’s the thing I’ve never seen before from any actors who had ever played Batman.

2. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Coming at the runner-up position of the list, here is Hugh Jackman for his long-running portrayal as Wolverine a.k.a Logan in the X-Men film series. Believe it or not, he has been playing the role for 15 years now! Jackman is Wolverine, and Wolverine is Jackman. It will be so hard to find a better replacement after his retirement as Wolverine in 2017. There’s only one word to describe Jackman’s Wolverine: beast! At this point I really believe, some people are destined to play a certain role, and Jackman was born to be Wolverine. It is known.

1. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man
Finally now, on the number one position of the list, I have Robert Downey Jr. for his portrayal as Iron Man a.k.a Tony Stark, the superhero who has made Marvel Cinematic Universe is possible to happen. Being the Iron Man itself was a turning point in Downey’s acting career; it was a life-changing moment for him. And it turned out amazing! Again, at this point I truly believe that he was born to be not only Iron Man but also Tony Stark. He was destined to play the role. Iron Man brings out the best in Downey, and Downey brings out the best of Iron Man. It’s the best choice ever.


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