Bros before Hoes: 7 Most Favorite Brotherhoods in Comedy Movies


Writing for this month’s theme reminds me a lot of my closest guy-friends in college. They never failed to bring up my mood whenever I’m feeling so down. Individually, they might be a boring person with nothing than a good looks and charming deep voice (no offense, Dim), or a hyperactive guy who always thinks about sex all the time (pervert! That’s you, Ngan), or a weirdo with random absurdity who likes to stuff people with his own story (not to mention repeating same stories every time he gets a chance, sorry Pang), or a super-calm skinny guy who never talked unless you set a fire to his thick black beard (peace, Bim). However, when they got together, they can make everything seems fall right into place. Oh God, I miss them so bad right now. Even the harsh cold world can turn into a comedy when you meet these men. They might talk about women when they got together, but they undoubtedly always have each other’s back despite anything; “bros before hoes”. So I write this post dedicated to them; the brotherhood of #komedian. Here is today’s post for Male Special Part 1: Band of Brothers, the list of my seven most favorite brotherhoods in comedy movies, who never failed to amuse me.

7. The 40 Year-Old Virgin (Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Romany Malco)

From left to right: Andy (Carell), David (Rudd), Jay (Malco), Cal (Rogen) | source:

Starting up the list on number seven, I have the co-workers gang from 2005 comedy film “The 40 Year-Old Virgin”. Andy (Carell), David (Rudd), Cal (Rogen), and Jay (Malco) work at a same electronic store. Though at first Andy didn’t friend with David, Cal, and Jay, they later unite after finding out that Andy is still a virgin. Feeling sorry for him (but also generally mocking him), the group resolves to help Andy lose his virginity. Making friends (and by “friends” here I mean is real friends: people you can talk to and share all your problems and hangout together outside the working hours) at a work place is a quite hard thing to do, but Andy, David, Cal, and Jay have it good together, though they got different personalities. And the way they make efforts to have Andy gets laid is so much fun to watch.

Highlights: (1) when David, Cal, and Jay accompany Andy getting his first waxing, (2) when they attend a speed-dating event

6. Hot Tub Time Machine (John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Adam Scott)

From left to right: Nick (Robinson), Lou (Corddry), Adam (Cusack), Jacob (Duke) | source:

Moving up to number six of the list, I have the hot tub time travel buddies from 2010 science fiction adventure comedy film “Hot Tub Time Machine”. Three high school bestfriends, Adam (Cusack), Lou (Corddry), and Nick (Robinson), joined by Adam’s nephew Jacob (Duke), find themselves going back in time to 1986 after having a dip in a mysterious hot tub in Kodiak Valley. This group then tries to find a way to get back to the present time. In the 2015 sequel titled “Hot Tub Time Machine 2”, Adam’s son from the future, Adam Jr. (Scott), joins the group as a replacement for the old Adam when Lou, Nick, and Jacob time travel to the future. The first and second group have their own charms with Cusack and Scott in it. However, both groups are very entertaining even with all frictions they have between them during their journey.

Highlights: (1) when Lou almost falls from the rooftop in the first movie, thankfully Adam, Nick, and Jacob hold onto him, (2) when the group faces the ski patrol bully, Blaine (Sebastian Stan), still from the first movie, (3) when the group comes as audiens for “Choozy Doozy” television show in the second movie

5. Neighbors (Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jerrod Carmichael, Craig Roberts)

From left to right: Teddy (Efron), Pete (Franco), Scoonie (Mintz-Plasse), Garf (Carmichael) | source:

Next on number five, I have the fraternity brothers of Delta Psi Beta from 2014 comedy film “Neighbors”. The group has to face Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne), the newly-parents couple who becomes their neighbors after the group moves into a new frat house. Led by the group’s ambitious president Teddy (Efron) and his geeky vice-president Pete (Franco), Delta Psi stand a war against the husband-and-wife after Mac and Kelly reporting them to the police. Thing about Delta Psi is, more than just a fraternity, they’re a brotherhood; brothers for life, with every of its member’s capability stands out. Scoonie (Mintz-Plasse) with huge and massive d*ck who always lightens the mood up, Garf (Carmichael) with his diplomatic duty who always being put in the front line to talk to police or the college dean whenever needed, and Gary/Assjuice (Roberts) the freshman who’s still in orientation for becoming a Delta Psi member. When the leader Teddy is more like direct-to-action guy, Pete plays his role very well as an advisor who always thinks it over before taking the action. With their own roles they become one. And it’s so hilarious watching them having those battles of authority with the “old people”. Good news is, these frat boys will return for a sequel, and that’s confirmed!

Highlights: (1) Delta Psi’s first official meeting in the new house to order, (2) when they’re throwing a Robert De Niro party, (3) when they make and sell dildos (based on the boys’ actual size of c*cks) to fix their house and buy a pool, (4) the climax rave party, everybody! (5) of course, the final party they throw because they think that their probation has been lifted

4. 21 Jump Street (Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum)

Jenko (Tatum; left) and Schmidt (Hill; right) | source:

On number four I have the police officers duo from 2012 action comedy film “21 Jump Street” and its 2014 sequel “22 Jump Street”. Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) went to same high school before they meet each other seven years later in the Police Academy. There, these two polar opposite guys become friends and partners. What I love about them is that they complete each other. They’re so different in many ways, nonetheless they need each other in order to perform a great teamwork. Only one just can’t do without the other. In both films, we can these two have their ups and downs in their brotherhood relationship, which, in the end, only grow them closer than ever; partners for life. More than just making us laugh out loud, they also touch our sensibility. And yes, the third movie is currently in the development progress, woohoo!

Highlights: (1) the Police Academy training in first movie, (2) drug-dealers chasing in the park, still first movie, (3) when they got high, that’s just epic hilarious! Ah, still first movie, fyi, (4) the cars chasing scene in the first movie, there are two scenes of it, and both are great, (5) when they make a scene on the stage in the middle of a drama play, still first movie, (6) Jenko took a bullet for Schmidt, in both movies, (7) when they play Mexicans in order to catch the bad guy in the second movie, (8) when they infiltrate the frat house, still second movie, (9) when they visit the school’s doctor in the second movie, (10) again, the chasing scene, (11) “something cool” and the helicopter at the end of second movie

3. Grown Ups (Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider)

From left to right: Rob Hilliard (Schneider), Kurt McKenzie (Rock), Eric Lamonsoff (James), Lenny Feder (Sandler), Marcus Higgins (Spade) | source:

Opening up the big three of the list are five childhood friends from 2010 comedy film “Grown Ups” on number three. Lenny Feder (Sandler), Eric Lamonsoff (James), Kurt McKenzie (Rock), Rob Hilliard (Schneider), and Marcus Higgins (Spade) became close when they were together in their junior high school basketball team. 32 years later, the group reunites at their coach’s funeral. Celebrating their first meeting after three decades, they decide to spend the weekend together, with their family members too, and that’s when those hilarious events take place. Moreover, they also have time to rediscover themselves again and redefine what they want and need in life. What’s great about this brotherhood is that they’re not only on-screen buddies, but also off-screen. They’ve been friends for a very long time since Sandler, Rock, Schneider, and Spade were all the cast of “Saturday Night Live” back in 1990. In the 2013 sequel titled “Grown Ups 2”, sadly Schneider did not reprise his role from the first film because of scheduling conflicts. Perhaps that’s why the second movie feels so lacking like there’s something missing. Indeed, four is incomplete, five is perfect.

Highlights: from the first movie, when they’re (1) taking the kids to play in the wood for the first time, (2) visiting the local restaurant, (3) going to McIntyre Island to spread coach’s ash, (4) visited by Rob’s daughters (especially note when Lenny, Eric, Kurt, and Marcus take turns to stare at Jasmine(Madison Riley)’s ass), (5) playing the arrow roulette, (6) going to the waterboom! (7) having the basketball rematch; from the second movie, when they’re (1) going to the mart, (2) meeting frat boys of Kappa Eta Sigma for the first time at the cliff, (3) chasing the tire-on-the-loose! (4) having the party and the final fight against the frat boys

2. The Hangover (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha)

From left to right: Alan (Galifianakis), Stu (Helms), Doug (Bartha), Phil (Cooper) | source:

On the runner-up position, here I have the hangover buddies from 2009 comedy film “The Hangover” trilogy for this number two of the list. The saga begins with a bachelor party, in Las Vegas. Phil (Cooper), Stu (Helms), and Alan (Galifianakis) search for their lost groom-to-be Doug (Bartha), after forgetting all what happened the night before during the hangover. In its 2011 sequel “The Hangover Part II”, four of them have a bachelor party again in Bangkok, now for Stu’s wedding, but Phil, Stu, and Alan end up in a strange place instead of their hotel. In the 2013 final installment titled “The Hangover Part III”, they are forced to come back to Las Vegas to deal with the chaos they caused in the first movie. What I love about this ‘Wolfpack’, besides the fact that Cooper is in it, is that they’re taking us from one adventure to another in every movie, as they try to figure out what was happening during their hangover night while at the same time, try to solve the problems they’ve caused. It’s entertainingly hilarious!

Highlights: from part one, hard to choose, Cooper is too hot of a guy! And the first movie is perfect, with the little baby and all; from part two, oh wait I can’t believe that Cooper was two years older already since the first movie, how come he looked even hotter?! Anyway, from part two, when they’re (1) first waking up inside a strange room in the middle of they-don’t-have-any-idea-where, (2) coming to the temple, (3) meeting a lady-boy, (4) into the street chasing! And from the part three, when they’re (1) breaking into the luxury house, (2) visiting the (now little kid) little baby from the first movie, (3) coming back to Vegas! And of course, the ever so charming Mr. Cooper

1. Horrible Bosses (Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis)

From left to right: Kurt (Sudeikis), Dale (Day), Nick (Bateman) | source:

Finally, on the top position, here are three best friends from the 2011 black comedy film “Horrible Bosses” and its 2014 sequel “Horrible Bosses 2”. Nick (Bateman), Dale (Day), and Kurt (Sudeikis) have to deal with their horrible bosses in both movies. With an assistance from Dean ‘Motherfucker’ Jones (Jamie Foxx) as their ‘criminal consultant’, the trio try to get rid those bosses off. Bateman, Day, and Sudeikis have made such a great combination as a team. From the accurate and old-school Nick, with the fussy and scaredy-cat Dale, until the flirtatious and reckless Kurt, the trio is super fun to watch! For me personally, they deserve to be on number one of this list, as their friendship wasn’t only built on-screen but also off-screen too. Their budding chemistry is no joke. No more explanation needed. Just watch the movies, and you’ll know.

Highlights: from the first movie, well, the whole storyline itself is hilariously mind-blowing, so enough say but still I really have to mention behind-the-scenes at beginning of the ending credit title; from the second movie, when they’re (1) doing the live television interview, (2) having the employee recruitmen interview for their own company, (3) visiting Harken (Kevin Spacey) at the jail, (4) meeting up with ‘Motherfucker’ Jones again, (5) infiltrating Julia(Jennifer Aniston)’s dental clinic, (6) infiltrating Rex Hanson(Chris Pine)’s house, (7) planning for receiving the kidnapping ransom, and of course (8) behind-the-scenes at the credit


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