Leap Year

I want to say thank you to my husband. I want to say may you never steal, lie, or cheat. But if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows. And if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life. And if you must cheat, then please cheat death, because I couldn’t live a day without you.” –The Bride (Leap Year, 2010)

Always kiss like it’s the first time and the last time.” –Stefano (Leap Year, 2010)

When my sixty seconds came around, I realized I had everything I ever wanted, but nothing I really needed. And I think what I need is here. And I came all this way to see if you maybe think so too. If you do, well, I don’t really have plans past that, which is new for me.” –Anna Brady (Leap Year, 2010)

Title                 : Leap Year
Director            : Anand Tucker
Starring            : Amy Adams, Matthew Goode
Genre               : romance, drama, comedy
Distributor        : Universal Pictures
Release date     : 8 January 2010
Running time     : 100 minutes

"Leap Year" movie poster - source: imdb.com

Hello there, Readers! I know it’s the first day of July (yay, welcome in July!) and it’s a very very very rare thing for me to start a post of a new month with a movie review, but here I am. Last month’s theme was Moments Of Our Lives and I had very great time writing them. So I decide that for this month’s theme, for the first time ever, will be the second part of Moments Of Our Lives. July is a part of the middle phase of a year, indeed, along with June. So why not? Well, everyone has a turning point in their lives. Maybe once, maybe twice, maybe a lot, but at least once. And for some people, there’s one particular moment that becomes a turning point for their lives. And that moment, it can come anytime in anywhere from anywho. Even at the time when they’re least expecting it. But when that moment comes, they just know, that it can change their lives forever. And they realize, that everything won’t be the same ever again.

source: imdb.com

For Anna Brady (portrayed by Amy Adams), that one particular life-changing moment comes during a leap year. A leap year, also known as intercalary or bissextile year, is a year containing one additional day in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year. In the Gregorian calendar (the international calendar system), each leap year lasts 366 days instead of the usual 365, by extending February to 29 days rather than the common 28 days. Therefore, February 29 is often called as the leap day. Okay, back to Anna, who’s frustrated that her boyfriend of many years, Jeremy Sloane (Adam Scott), still has not proposed to her. So she travels to Dublin, Ireland to propose to him on February 29, the leap day. Because, according to Irish tradition, a woman can propose on a leap day and a man who is proposed to on leap day must accept the proposal. During the flight, a storm diverts the plane to Cardiff, Wales. Anna hires a boat to take her to Cork, but the severity of the storm forces her to be put ashore on the Dingle Peninsula. And that’s where she meets Declan O’Callaghan (portrayed by Matthew Goode).
Declan is an owner of an inn and restaurant in Dingle named Caragh. Anna asks Declan to taxi her across the country to Dublin to pull off the proposal in time. At first, Declan refuses to drive Anna to Dublin, but after his pub is threatened with foreclosure the next morning, he agrees to drive her for some money to pay his debt. And so they begin their journey to Dublin. However, the universe seems like to play games of fate with them. First, they run into a herd of cows blocking the road. Second, Declan’s old car rolls downhill into a lake. Third, Anna’s luggage are taken by three thieves (don’t worry, she later can retrieve it by Declan’s help). Fourth, they miss the one and only train to Dublin. Fifth, they’re caught up in rain and all wet. And many more misfortunes. However, those misfortunes become a blessing-in-disguise. Because, despite the bickering, Anna and Declan build a deeper feeling towards each other. Despite the fights and arguments, they find something more precious in each other; themselves, as they can see the true-self of each other during their three days journey together. Three days that change their lives. Three days for forever.

source: imdb.com

Seeing Anna and Declan, through their arguments and fights, I just know that they belong together. I know that’s cliche, but I think that’s never getting old. Two strangers, believe it or not, are getting closer by bickering. And two people who got closer by bickering, their bonding is, I believe, stronger than those who never have fights and arguments. Because, when they’re bickering, people open up themselves. And to find love means to find ourselves. Anna is a strict and well-prepared woman. She always has everything planned, including marrying her long-time boyfriend. However, by living according to plan and having what she wants for life, she has forgotten what she really needs in life, and Declan’s aware of that. On the other hand, Declan is an easy-going and cold man. He’s cynical. But that’s only a cover to hide his pain from the past, that was caused by the betrayal of his ex-fiancée and bestfriend, and Anna’s aware of that.
Anna and Declan can see the true-self of each other. Somehow, when we live too long in the comfort zones, we can’t see clearly anymore about things we want and things we need. Sometimes it makes us think that the things we want are actually the things we need. When the truth is, it can be the other way around. For Anna, meeting Declan opens up her perspective, that there’s gotta be more to life. Meanwhile, when we live alone too long, we get used to the loneliness itself. Somehow we find it hard to open up our hearts and minds again. And sometimes, we need some people to make us realize that all we have to do is to accept and face the reality, the heartbroken and pain, rather than run away from it and hide in loneliness. For Declan, meeting Anna opens up his perspective, that in order to be able to move on, he has to be brave to embrace his past. And therefore, the two find themselves again through each other.

source: imdb.com

There’s a quote from Rob Bell that says, “It’s easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams, that is being naked.” I think this quote is suited well with the relationship that is built by Anna and Declan. During the three days journey they have together, Anna and Declan see each other’s scars and fears. Moreover, they share them. They may be not having a physical bond (not to mention the ‘forced’ kiss they share at Mr. and Mrs. O’Docherty’s house), but they surely share a strong emotional bond during the journey. And I personally think, that an emotional bond, how little it is, is a lot stronger than a physical bond; giving that Anna and Declan are strangers who have just met. Despite they argue all the time, they have many things in common that make them can easily open up their souls toward each other.
They are two strangers meet and are brought together by fate. So, it’s natural for Anna to have a kind of doubt towards her feeling for Declan; is it just a temporary fling or is it for real? Therefore I can understand Anna’s decision to accept Jeremy’s proposal and follows him back to US, and also Declan’s decision to not holding her back and let her go. However (and I say it all over again), two people that are meant to be together will eventually find their way back to each other, no matter how far and long they’ve been separated. In the end, Anna gets her answer, and it is that the feeling she has for Declan is real. It’s not just a temporary fling, and she needs to reach for it. We never know a good day to end a journey until we decide to try to have one. For Anna, the moment is when she decides to go to Declan. And for them, the life-changing moment is when they meet each other, which leads to their turning point in life; being together.

source: imdb.com

The romantic comedy film, “Leap Year”, was premiered in New York City on January 6th 2010. Despite the poor reviews it got from the critics, this movie met my fondness. Call me cheesy and naive, but I personally love this kind of movie. The storyline is not too heavy, yet it leaves this kind of a heartwarming feeling after watching it. No heavy dramas, no overrated sexual scenes, and the comedy just naturally grows from the characters. Everything just falls right into place. Well, perhaps there are some awkward scenes, but they’re just forgivable enough for me. Mainly because of these two things: main characters couple and the movie set where the filming took place. The chemistry between Amy Adams and Matthew Goode is undeniably charming. They make such a cute couple through Anna and Declan. Moreover, “Leap Year” gives the amazing view of Ireland’s landscape. And at this point, I’m totally awed by the panorama. Anyway, “Leap Year” is a nice movie to watch during your spare time. It’s great to release your stress and heavy mind.

Declan: “I don’t want to not make plans with you. I want to make plans with you.
Anna: “You do?
Declan: “Yeah, I do. Will you marry me?
(Leap Year, 2010)


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