Where the Rainbow Ends

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Sometimes, the right love comes at the wrong time.” (Love, Rosie, 2014)

Age has taught you something. It seems to me that you know the big secret. That nobody knows what’s going on.” (Love, Rosie, 2014)

Choosing the person that you want to share your life with is one of the most important decisions any of us makes, ever. Because when it’s wrong, it turns your life to grey. And sometimes you don’t even notice, until you wake up one morning and realize years have gone by.” –Rosie Dunne (Love, Rosie, 2014)

Title                 : “Love, Rosie”
Director            : Christian Ditter
Starring             : Lily Collins, Sam Claflin
Genre               : romance, comedy, drama
Distributor        : Lionsgate
Release date     : 22 October 2014
Running time     : 102 minutes

"Love, Rosie" movie poster - source: imdb.com

There’s a saying that two people who are fated to be together are bound with an invisible red string. The red string of fate, it’s connecting their little fingers since the moment they were born. The string might be tangled or bent in the journey, but it will never be broken. Therefore, two fated people will eventually meet each other, know each other, and be together in the end, because they are meant to be since the beginning. The thing is, when the two fated people meet and know each other, sometimes they don’t just figure out that they belong with each other. The red string is invisible, remember? Anyway, for some people, it takes years, or maybe even a lifetime, to figure out that the one who’s standing in front of them now is the one they’re always looking for. That one person could be anyone, could be a stranger you’ve just met second ago, or could be your bestfriend you’ve known for years better than anyone else.
Bestfriend; could a girl and a boy ever be a bestfriend? Well, there’s another saying that a girl and a boy can never be just bestfriend. At some points, the boy falls for the girl when the girl doesn’t, or the girl falls for the boy when the boy doesn’t, therefore they keep their unrequited love for themselves without trying to confess which has the risk of ruining their friendship, or they do confess which leads to whether they become distant or they become lovers. At some other points, they fall in love with each other, but they hide the fact from each other, in denial, in the name of their friendship, and without they realize, keep hurting each other by doing so. But then, no matter how hard you try to deny or run away from it, it will always bounce back to you. Why? Because of that invisible red string of fate that you haven’t discovered yet. But when you do, the journey will be worth it, like finding a pot of gold at the end of rainbow.

"Love, Rosie" official still photo - source: imdb.com

Well, talking about fate, love, and bestfriend, I’m not blabbering with the two previous paragraphs, yet they’re meant to lead us onto the movie that I’m about to review. It’s a 2014 romance comedy drama movie titled “Love, Rosie”. It tells about Rosie Dunne (portrayed by Lily Collins) and Alex Stewart (portrayed by Sam Claflin), who have been being friends since they were five years old, and as they’re growing up and being adults, they find out that it’s more than just a friendship that they share with each other, but deeper than that, it’s love. During Rosie’s 18th birthday, she is too drunk to remember that she’s kissing with Alex, who is too conscious to forget what happens between the two. Being hurt by the fact that Rosie doesn’t remember the kiss at all, he takes her advice to take Bethany (Suki Waterhouse) to the dance party instead of her. Seeing how excited Alex is with Bethany, Rosie decides to have sex with her dance partner, Greg (Christian Cooke). But something unexpected happens, and Rosie finds herself pregnant.
Meanwhile, Alex is got accepted in Harvard University with scholarship, which means that he will leave England to study in America. On the other hand, Rosie has to put off her dream to go to Boston College, in which she has been accepted, because of her pregnancy. And so it is, Alex leaves without knowing that Rosie is pregnant. It’s just a few months after Rosie giving birth to Katie when Alex finally finds out about that. He then becomes the godfather to her daughter. Years pass by, Rosie is being able to get a job as Katie has grown up, while Alex has finished his study and stays in America to work, and they keep in touch. Yet the wheel is keep turning all over again. Just when Rosie realizes her feeling towards Alex, he is in a serious relationship with another woman. But just then, when Alex finally is able to gather up courage and confess his feeling towards Rosie, she is already living a stable life as a mother and a wife. In the end of the day, when all of their relationships with other person is not working and failed, will they be able to finally understand that they belong with each other? Because eventually, they always have the way to find each other, after all of those times.

"Love, Rosie" official still photo - source: imdb.com

The thing that attracts me in the first place to watch “Love, Rosie” is the storyline’s theme; bestfriends turn into lovers. Yup, that kind of story is always attractive for me. Perhaps because I have experienced the same thing as the characters of Rosie and Alex here. No, not until the part when they become lovers, but precisely the part where they keep the unrequited love they have for each other for years. I feel related to that. I understand very well how hard it is to deal with the feeling you have for your own bestfriend; the dilemmatic problems within it. If you confess, it might ruin your friendship; thing you avoid the most. But if you don’t confess, you know you’re hurting yourself; the worst thing that kills you. I’m captivated by the little details and emotions that Rosie and Alex show throughout the story. The denial, the lies, the jealousy, the fears; I feel like watching myself reflected through their characters.
It takes years, over a decade, for Rosie and Alex to finally be able to get together. And this is what makes “Love, Rosie” more interesting; the plot. The story starts when the 30-year-old Rosie starts giving out a toast speech in front of people –one of them is Alex– as she reminisces of their childhood when they first knew each other and grew up together. From the childhood, then it jumps to Rosie’s 18th birthday, exactly 12 years ago, when the-bigger-feeling-than-friendship-called-love started. And then it shows the progress of their journey to the maturity, the hurdles they face during the process, the choices they make during the way, until they take them back to the beginning of the story when Rosie giving speech, turns out that it is during Alex’s after-wedding celebration. Just when I feel so desperate that the two main characters won’t be together in the end, the plot is giving its magical twist when the story continues from the wedding night on.
Portraying two bestfriend who have known each other for years since childhood and understand each other better than anyone else is not an easy feat. Moreover when they’re in love with each other, secretly. Yet the production team have done a very great job by casting Lily Collins and Sam Claflin as the bestfriend couple. The chemistry between them is no joke. Not only they’re both gorgeous, but also they’re living Rosie and Alex out of them. And this adds another plus point for “Love, Rosie”. They both exude lovely charms in this movie, whether together as a couple or individually. There are so many on-screen couples that are so great together and perhaps exude the same vibe of charms, but Lily and Sam as Rosie and Alex will always take a part of me that is so precious and irreplaceable. Thanks to the ‘I feel related’ thing, again.

"Love, Rosie" official still photo - source: imdb.com

Last but not least, I fall hard for the moral of the story that “Love, Rosie” brings to the universe. The red string of fate, as I’ve mentioned earlier, and the pot of gold at the end of rainbow. After many ups and downs, many calms and storms, the red string of fate does its magic; based on the fact that Rosie and Alex always find each other in the end of the day. Indeed, a great treasure is waiting for them who keep on searching and fighting for it, like a pot of gold in the end of rainbow; in this case, the treasure for Rosie and Alex is themselves for each other. It’s great that it takes years for them, because for something really special and precious, it’s never easy. It’s just a prove that their relationship is strong and unbroken; through the good and the bad, the worst and the best, the happiest and the saddest, the pain and the glory, always.
“Love, Rosie” was premiered at the Philadelphia International Film Festival on October 17th 2014. It was officially released in UK on October 22nd 2014. The movie is based on the novel titled “Where Rainbows End” (2004), written by Irish author Cecelia Ahern, who’s well-known for her international best-seller, “PS, I Love You” (2004). I’ve mentioned before that I feel related to the story of “Love, Rosie”. That is why I choose this movie as the second post for this month’s theme; My Choices: Continue Living. Well, it might be a little bit out of context, but I would like to send a message for someone out there, my bestfriend whom I’ve confessed my love for; I want you to watch this movie, in hope that you would understand what is like to be me, what I feel, what I’ve been going through. And that after all of these times, no matter where you are or what you’re doing or whom you’re with, I will always, honestly, truly, completely, love you.

You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with, and if you’re OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who could make you happy, really happy, dancing on air happy.” –Alex Stewart (Love, Rosie, 2014)


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