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How can anyone love you when you don’t love yourself?” –Lee Hyun Seung (My P.S. Partner, 2012)

Guess I got scared. If he knew that I found out the truth, then everything will be over. When I was a little, I thought I’d be somebody by this age. But sadly, I was just an average girl who wants stability. An average girl with nothing can’t dream much about anything.” –Lee Yoon Jung (My P.S. Partner, 2012)

All the love songs are so obvious. Love itself is obvious. You meet, fall in love, break up, get hurt, and you meet again. I bet people get married because they get tired of repeating those.” –Lee Yoon Jung (My P.S. Partner, 2012)

Title                 : My P.S. Partner (나의 P.S. 파트너)
Director           : Byun Sung Hyun
Starring           : Ji Sung, Kim Ah Joong
Genre              : romance, comedy
Distributor       : CJ Entertainment
Release date    : 6 December 2012
Running time  : 114 minutes

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There are so many ways, of how two people meet each other for the first time, of how two strangers become soulmates. Sometimes, whenever I see a couple walking on the street together, taking a photograph, holding hands, hugging, or just talking and laughing, I wonder how their first meeting was. I wonder how they got to know each other in the beginning. I wonder how they started to grow feelings toward each other. Every couple has their own stories, and for me personally, it’s always interesting to hear about them. Because, you know, life is full of surprises. And some stories have the power to surprise me in many ways. Among those stories, there are some that are like this; two brokenhearted and lonely people, they meet and fall in love. Just like that, they deal with their past, they get together, and they help to heal each other’s wound, they make a better future for both of them. Of course it’s not as easy as it seems during the process, but they eventually end up being together. Well we surely don’t know what the future could bring.
It’s not an easy deal to open up your heart to something new. Whether it’s a new place, a new house, a new town, a new school, even new people, a new person. Moreover when you’re too attached with the old ones. A long-term relationship, for example. Being stuck in a stagnant long-term relationship, or being heartbroken by the end of a long-term relationship; which is the worst? Both are the worst. Both are painful. However, based on my experience, both are the greatest lesson for a person to understand; that there are some points in life where you have to decide whether to move on or move forward. There’s always a price to pay. And I always salute those who are brave enough to walk out from a stagnant long-term relationship, and those who are strong enough to deal with heartbreaking end of a long-term relationship. Every ending is just a beginning for something else, hopefully something better. And I believe, that somehow, a better thing is waiting for those who are willing to open up their hearts.

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Here is my first Korean movie for My Choices: Continue Living. It’s a 2012 romantic comedy movie titled “My P.S. Partner (나의 P.S. 파트너)”, which is talking about two brokenhearted and lonely people who meet accidentally and fall in love, well, like I’ve mentioned before in the opening. Lee Hyun Seung (portrayed by Ji Sung) is a man who is having trouble getting over his ex-girlfriend, So Yeon (Shin So Yul). One night, he gets a phone call from a total stranger, a woman, who turns out to be Lee Yoon Jung (portrayed by Kim Ah Joong). She’s a woman who’s in an attempt to spice up her five-year relationship with Seung Joon (Kang Kyung Joon). When she tries to have phone sex with her boyfriend, that’s when she accidentally gets Hyun Seung on the line instead. She ends up having phone sex with him, before finally realizes that she gets the wrong number. The next day, Hyun Seung gives Yoon Jung a phone call after being devastated from post-breakup syndrome. Since then, they become a phone sex partner for each other.
Yoon Jung finds her long-term relationship with Seung Joon doesn’t get any better. First, Seung Joon doesn’t propose her when she’s expecting it the most. Second, she knows that Seung Joon was having an affair but she feels afraid to bring it up on the table. Third, he rejects her when she wants to sleep together. And the worst, she doesn’t feel like herself anymore when she’s with him. But everything feels so different with Hyun Seung. As their phone sex becomes a routine, they become comfortable with each other and start talking about their respective relationship problems. One night, they eventually decide to meet and a more intimate friendship develops, which leads to both falling for each other. However, just when Hyun Seung realizes his feeling, Yoon Jung is proposed by her boyfriend. And just when Yoon Jung realizes her feeling for Hyun Seung, his ex-girlfriend shows up and wants to get back to him.

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The P.S. in “My P.S. Partner (나의 P.S. 파트너)” stands for “phone sex”, and I have to say that Ji Sung and Kim Ah Joong really rock the bed as a partner. It’s the great chemistry between them as an on-screen couple that become the main attraction of this movie. It’s no joke! They both have an undeniable sex appeal that could bring Hyun Seung and Yoon Jung characters into life perfectly. Seriously, watching Ji Sung portraying Hyun Seung here really makes me forget that he is the lovable and adorable devoted husband for Lee Bo Young in real life. And of course, there’s no other than the lovely Kim Ah Joong who could portray Yoon Jung amazingly. If only Ji couldn’t make it in real life with Lee, then I would like to see him with Kim instead. Because they’re just so great together! And as we know it, every romantic comedy movie’s success is possible mainly because of its lead characters couple.
Why did I watch this movie in the first place again? Oh yeah, it was because the one and only Ji Sung. I’m saying sorry in advance if there’s too many fangirling things in here, but geez, it’s Ji Sung with a messy-looks in this movie! His messy-looks style was as hot as ever; the ripped jeans, the messy haircut, the super cozy T-shirts, the gosh-it-makes-you-look-so-freaking-damn-hot jumper (oh yeah, I always love a guy who looks good with a jumper, pardon me), and every single thing from top to toe. As if it wasn’t enough, this movie gave you a scene where he sang and played guitar (oh yeah, I always fall for a guy who can play guitar and sing as well), literally, yes! And of course, the soundtracks were great too. Anyway, it felt so great to see this different side of him. As a bonus (oh yeah, it’s not over yet), the movie gave us (more than) shirtless performance (yeah, screaming it out loud, fangirls!) of him! Pardon me, but I love a guy with this kind of body, not too thin yet not too big, yet, looks cozy enough to be hugged, just perfect! And I also have to note, that my favorite comedian, the hilarious and gorgeous Kim Jun Ho, appeared as a cameo, yeay!
Well now, enough with the fangirling, let’s talk about the moral of the story, which leads me to write a review about this movie. I’ve mentioned before, it’s about two lonely and unhappy people who find each other and get together. Everybody needs someone to talk to. We’re all human, indeed. Even though it’s just a stranger, as long as it feels comfortable, then why not? Sometimes, we feel more comfortable because it’s a stranger. But the truth is, even though it’s a stranger, we find them familiar because we find ourselves in that person. And the familiarity is the thing that keeps two people together, since they feel comfortable because of it. Well, people say that those with same frequency will eventually find one another. What Hyun Seung and Yoon Jung have is a kind of like that. Though they were stangers at the beginning, since they found familiarities with each other, they keep in touch, which leads them to something more.

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In my opinion, finding true love is about re-finding yourself. This is what I learn from this movie, especially from what Yoon Jung experienced in it. Long-term relationship has no good when you’re stuck up in it. Moreover when the reason to stay is only because you’re afraid of being alone after you leave. I think it’s Paulo Coelho, he said that a “hello” is the gift for those who are brave enough to say “goodbye”. When you feel that the relationship is not going anywhere you want it to be, when you feel that it’s no longer worth it to be fought for, when you understand that it’s no longer could be saved, then don’t be afraid to get out from your comfort zone. Like what Yoon Jung said in this movie, it’s not about the sense of betrayal, it’s the unfamiliarity that you feel towards your partner. When you start to doubt, but your partner doesn’t do anything about it, that’s when you know that it’s time to move on. Because relationship works both ways, not one way.
“My P.S. Partner (나의 P.S. 파트너)” was the fastest rated-19 adult romantic comedy to hit the one million admissions mark in South Korea, reaching its goal in only 10 days. It was a day faster than the previous record holders; “Sex Is Zero 2” (2007), “My Scary Girl” (2006), and “Petty Romance” (2010). It was released under the title “Watcha Wearin’?” as its international title. Actually, I watched this movie for the first time in the early 2013, but I haven’t had the chance to make a review of it. Recently, my closest friends have been hooked with Ji Sung since his latest drama series, “Kill Me, Heal Me”, is airing. Therefore I suddenly remember this movie and re-watch it. And that’s when I decide to make a review of it. It’s now or never. As I watch it again, I realize that the storyline could fit well with this month’s theme. So here it is, the review. And here I am, still wondering how my first meeting with my soulmate would be.

Hyun Seung: “We were soulmates. We were different from others. Know what it means to truly connect with someone? It was really special.
Yoon Jung: “I think most lovers think that way at some point.
(My P.S. Partner, 2012)


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