7 Most Outstanding Newcomers on "Immortal Songs 2" of 2014

I find it quite fascinating when I see that there are a lot of international fans who regularly watch “Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend”. Why? Because unlike any other variety shows or music programs, “Immortal Songs 2” is in between. Moreover, idols –who are known as the front runner of Korean Wave nowadays– are not always appear on this show. Besides, this program showcases Korean classic hits, which international fans are unfamiliar with. Nevertheless, I always feel grateful to be able to discover this program and regularly watch it until now. “Immortal Songs 2” has opened up some new perspectives about Korean music industry, beyond the idols trend. It introduces me to some talented vocalists and musicians; like ALi, Jung Dong Ha, JK Kim Dong Wook, Moon Myung Jin, Im Tae Kyung, and many more. Most of them are even don’t have the chance to shine among the mainstream trend of idols. Therefore, as the 11th post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014, I will make a list of The Most Outstanding Newcomers on “Immortal Songs 2” of 2014. No need to say more, let’s follow the list.

7. So Hyang
On the bottom of the list, the number seven position, here is the female soloist, So Hyang. She appeared for the first time on the Michael Bolton special episode, when she took over the stage like a hurricane with her fabulous performance. Her performance brought her the winning trophy (plus, Michael Bolton said that her performance was spectacular!), making her one of performers who win the trophy on their first appearance on the show. She could be ranked higher, but since she only made one appearance and hasn’t made another visit on the show after that episode, she’s right here opening the list on this position. Anyway, I hope I could see more of her on the show in 2015. Please comeback, Miss So~

6. Lena Park
On the number six position, here is the female soloist, Park Jung Hyun a.k.a Lena Park. The Queen of R n’ B first appeared on Lee Sun Hee special episode. She was the first performer during that special episode, just in her first visit on the show. Yet she scored more than 400 points and successfully won several rounds with her mesmerizing performance. Park could be ranked higher, but so far she only made two appearances on the show and hadn’t won a trophy yet. Nevertheless, I would like to see her performances on “Immortal Songs 2” in the future. I’ll be waiting, Miss Park!

On the number five position, among the soloists I have on this list, here is the only band that successfully makes it into the list, DICKPUNKS! First appeared on the “My Lovely Hometown Special” episode, the piano-based ensemble band rocked the stage of “Immortal Songs 2” with their youthful and burning spirit of ex-indie musicians. The runner-up winner of Mnet’s “Superstar K4” became the first part winner of the two-parts “My Lovely Hometown Special” episode. Kim Tae Hyun (vocal), Kim Hyun Woo (piano/keyboard), Kim Jae Heung (bass), and Park Ga Ram (drum) are being a surprise-giver and mood-booster everytime they make an appearance on the show. I can’t help but anticipating their upcoming performance in 2015. DICKPUNKS, fighting!

4. Yoon Min Soo
On the number four position is Yoon Min Soo, who first appeared on Park Geon Ho special episode. The master of ballad gave his all and won the trophy in his first visit on the show. As expected from the maestro, he showcased a wonderful performance everytime he came in “Immortal Songs 2”. After that, he frequently came to the show and even won another trophy along with his apprentice, Shin Young Jae, with a beautiful duet of two male ballad vocalists. I adore him everytime I watch “Dad, Where are You Going?” as he is being a very reliable father for her son, but I love him even more everytime I watch him singing on the stage. Go, Daddy, gooo~!

3. Gummy
On the number three position, here is the female soloist, Gummy. The woman who broke the record for the highest points, just in her first appearance on the show, she is the one and only! It was on the Joo Hyun Mi special when she performed for the first time on “Immortal Songs 2”, breaking the record as well as winning the trophy of that episode. Well, it was a prove to everyone that her decision to get out from YG Entertainment wasn’t a bad idea afterall. Instead, it was a great choice! Because unless, we probably couldn’t see her marvelous performance on the show. Anyway, her action in 2015 is anticipated. Well done, Gummy!

2. Kim Jong Seo
On the runner-up position is the prominent rock vocalist, Kim Jong Seo. Just the fact that a legendary singer like him was joining the show as a performer instead of a legend itself was so fascinating. Moreover, Kim was still got it! He first appeared on the Joo Hyun Mi special episode and broke the record for the highest points with his debut performance on the show (though some minutes later Gummy broke the record in the same episode). Though he didn’t win the trophy in that episode and the episode after, he won the two consecutives episodes later on. More important than winning, he always gives his best in every performance. His youthful spirit and soul is the best among the senior singers in the industry and I personally think that he’s a great role-model for all his juniors. There’s no limit for his man!

1.Son Seung Yeon
On the top of the list, the number one position, The Most Outstanding Newcomer on “Immortal Songs 2” of 2014 goes to the female soloist, Son Seung Yeon. The winner of the first season of The Voice of Korea first appeared on the Lee Chi Hyun special episode as a guest in the collaboration performance of male soloist, The One. Together with The One, their collaboration won the trophy of that episode. Being dubbed as the monster rookie vocalist, Son then made her way into the show as a regular performer after that episode and even won the trophy for herself (that was on the “Summer Special Part 2 Campus Band” episode), just right in her second appearance on the show as well as her first solo performance on it. After then, she was on the winning streak, making a total 3 wins out of her 11 performances on the show, making her got the title as ‘the second ALi’ or ‘the next ALi’ (ALi has won 8 trophies so far and is the record holder for the most number of winning up to this date). 2014 in “Immortal Songs 2” has been definitely the year for Son. She evolved in each episode through her performances. She doesn’t afraid to try many kinds of genre yet she always does the best in every single way. Son is only 23 and she has a long way to go. Therefore, i’ll be highly anticipating her performance on 2015. You go, girl!


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