7 Most Memorable "Running Man" Episodes of 2014

Following the list of 7 Best Moments with Guests on “Running Man” of 2014, here I will make the list of The Most Memorable “Running Man” Episodes of 2014 as the 15th post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014. Actually, it’s so hard for me to pick among many episodes that “Running Man” (RM) has this year. I’ve done it before with “2 Days and 1 Night” (2D1N), but unlike 2D1N, RM has different theme and concept for each episode (to make it clear: 2D1N shoots two or more episodes in one time, meanwhile RM shoots only for one episode in one time). However, I will try my best to choose some episodes and put them in ranking. This list is purely based on my own preferences. Here we go~~~

7. My Love from the Running Star (Episode 185), Running Heroes (Episode 216), & Star Running Man (Episode 222)
Opening up the list on number seven, here are episode 185, 216, and 222 which are tied on this position. The similarity of these three episodes that there is no guest appearing on it (though young actress Kim Hyun Soo appeared very shortly on episode 185). On the episode 185, they did parody missions based on the recent big hit drama series back then, “My Love from the Star” (also known as “You Who Came from the Star”). While on the episode 216, RM members became superheroes (Yoo Jae Suk as Superman, Lee Kwang Soo as Avatar, Song Ji Hyo as Wonder Woman, Haha as Hong Gil Dong, Ji Suk Jin as Batman, Kim Jong Kook as Wolverine, Gary as Son O-Gong). And on the episode 222, RM members became aliens. The shocking costumes, make-ups, and appearances, hilarious games during the missions, and also the members capability to entertain even without the appearance of guests, these three episodes deserve to be on this list!

6. Team Running Man VS Team Angel Eyes (Episode 190)

Moving up to the number six, here is the 190th installment of RM. A total of seven guests from the upcoming SBS’ weekend drama series back then, “Angel Eyes”, appeared as Team RM’s opponent for the day. They were Goo Hye Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, Kwon Hae Hyo, Kim Ji Suk, Kang Ha Neul, BIGBANG’s Seungri, and Gong Hyung Jin. It was a quite long time since all RM members working together as a team, therefore their spirits were so up, moreover they thought that their opponent team was the easy one. However, Team Angel Eyes wasn’t that easy to beat. Their teamwork was no kidding! From the Royalty Relay Race (where they had to climb 60 floors of stairs in an estafet running), All Kill Quiz Battle, Acupuncture Mat Competition, until the final mission The World’s Oddest Fire Fighter Competition, all were so amusing. My favorite part is of course the Royalty Relay Race. And also the All Kill Quiz Battle; when will we can see the mighty Kim Jong Kook begging down on his knees again, right?

5. Summer Part-Time Jobs Mission (Episode 205), Triangular Mystery Race (Episode 209) & 2014 Foreigner Club Race (Episode 227)

Episode 205, 209, and 227 are tied for the number five position of the list. The similiarities between these three episodes are: (a) more than one guests or many participants, (b) no Name Tag Elimination or Hide and Seek game as the final mission, and (c) many great and hilarious moments during the preliminary missions that are too good to be missed out. From the episode 205 –the guests were singers Baek Ji Young, Hong Jin Young, Miss A’s Fei, model Kang Seung Hyun, and comedian Lee Gook Joo– there were lots of best moments during the first mission (Amusement Park Sidejob: Job Scramble), second mission (Barbeque Restaurant Sidejob: Pick Up the Lid), and even until the third mission (Newspaper Delivery Sidejob: No Mercy Basketball). Meanwhile, from the episode 209 –the guests were HotSechgodRG (Moon Hee Jun, Eun Ji Won, Danny Ahn, Cheon Jung Myun), EXO (Kai, Sehun), SHINee’s Taemin, and Sistar’s Soyou– my favorite was during the Triangular Wrestling game, especially when Kim Jong Kook made fun of Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, and Lee Kwang Soo (and then Song Ji Hyo took the revenge for them); incredibly hilarious! And last but not least, from the episode 227, which was the last episode of 2014 –the guests were baseball athletes Ryu Hyun Jin and Kang Jung Ho– I especially like the Human Bowling game so much; it was totally funny! Moreover, the ending of this episode was so touching. It was great overall!

4. Opposite Ends of Extreme Love Race (Episode 224)

Up next on the number four position is the 224th installment of RM, when four gorgeous young actresses and one beautiful MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) athlete appeared as guests for the day. They were Han Groo, Jeon So Min, Lee Sung Kyung, Kyung Soo Jin, and MMA athlete Song Ga Yeon. For the whole episode, along with Song Ji Hyo, they were paired with RM male members (Han Groo & Yoo Jae Suk, Jeon So Min & Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Sung Kyung & Haha, Song Ga Yeon & Kim Jong Kook, Kyung Soo Jin & Gary, Song Ji Hyo & Ji Suk Jin) as they did the couple race. From the introduction, first mission; Summer VS Winter (the Summer mission is Love is to Roll Around, they tumble three times on the diving board, stand on the end of the board, throw up a huge heart sign while facing each other, while the Winter mission is Escape the Iglo, they dance along the music inside the iglo, run outside as soon as the whistle blows and grab a half piece of the broken heart to match it with their other half piece), second mission; 1 VS 100 (the number 1 mission is to answer one question correctly, the male is given the question to ask on the 1st floor, and then climbs up the stairs to ask the question to the female partner who stands on the 22nd floor, while the number 100 mission is to score 100 points within 100 seconds, the women and the men play separate games of basketball inside a trampoline ring, the first team to score 100 points wins, one goal is counted as 10 points), final mission; Bell Hide and Seek (Kyung Soo Jin & Gary couple attack, while the rest couples defense and get the connected couple name tag, they have to complete the mission –find the matching U-shaped magnet– before getting eliminated by the offense couple), until the closing (Song Ga Yeon’s low kick on Gary as the final closing slate, all were so amusing. It was the first time ever in RM history to use low kick as the closing slate!

3. 2014 Running Man’s Choice: The Janggi Race (Episode 182)

Opening the big three of the list is the episode 182 of RM on number three position. The concept of this episode was made and sent by one of RM’s huge fans from Hongkong, Irene Tam. From the first mission (Horse Race), second mission (Big Three Relay Water Games), until the final mission (Janggi Name Tag Elimination), all were designed by Irene herself. She even made slots for three guests, and the chosen were young talented actor Yeo Jin Goo, Tiny G’s Do Hee, and rising idol-actor Im Siwan. From the introduction, Horse Race, Big Three Relay Water Games (flying chair basketball, blop jump, diving jump), the final mission, even until the closing, all were so fascinating. Especially during the final mission, the idea was so brilliant. The rule was based on Hongkong style chess game, where there were two teams, each consisted of General, Cart, Horse, Canon, and Soldier (from highest to lowest rank consecutively). The higher rank of one team could kill anyone of the opponent team’s lower rank. The same rank could kill each other, and there was a special rule for Soldier, they had the power to oust the General. Once the General was killed, the whole team lost. The whole episode basically showed that RM got lots of love from the international fans, and of course, that the name tag elimination game was the best!

2. Running Miniseries: “It’s Okay, We’re Heirs” (Episode 213)

On the runner-up position of the list, here is the 213th installment of RM, where five actresses who were well-known for their fierce and devilish roles in drama series made appearance as guests. They were Seo Woo, Lee Yoo Ri, Kim Min Seo, Choi Yeo Jin, and Yoo In Young. We could see the unique and funny charms hidden behind the undeniable charisma of those five women during the couple race. From the opening (the women met their partner for the first time while parodying their infamous evil characters from their drama series: Seo Woo & Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Yoo Ri & Gary, Kim Min Seo & Kim Jong Kook, Choi Yeo Jin & Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo In Young & Haha, Song Ji Hyo & Ji Suk Jin), The Red Earth’s Desire game (hilariously terrific battle on the pond of mud red clay), Destruction of Evidence game (acting out a scene parody, continuing with shredding papers while battling with time limit), until the final mission King Maker: Turn My Man Into A Heir (put the real heir’s name tag on the male partner’s back and stand on the designated platform), all were so entertaining. Many best moments were in this episode (Giraffe the public stepladder, Yeo Jin soaking wet photoshoot session, etc.), therefore it deserves the second place winner. The five strongest roses were literally taking over RM!

1. Running Man’s 2014 Idol Athletic Competition (Episode 195)

Idol Athletic Competition has been an annual race in RM, and The Most Memorable “Running Man” Episodes of 2014 goes to 2014 Idol Athletic Competition, here on the top position of the list. The members and guests were divided in three teams, consisted of: Team 2PM (Song Ji Hyo, Jun.K, Nichkhun, Junho, Wooyoung, Chansung), Team 2NE1 (Kim Jong Kook, Gary, CL, Park Bom, Sandara, Minzy), and Team Mystic89 (Ji Suk Jin, Haha, Lee Kwang Soo, Yoon Jong Shin, Jo Jung Chi –being subtituted by Eddy Kim during the second round only–, Muzie). Meanwhile, Yoo Jae Suk didn’t belong in any team and became the special MC of the day. There were so many great and hilarious moments in this 195th installment of RM. From the introduction (Jae Suk teased Nichkhun about the news of him being in a relationship with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, Jong Kook’s doorstep hip hop dance, Team Mystic89’s unsynchronized dance and unexpected ending), Relay City Marathon (Bom and Dara who couldn’t drink coffee, Dara who’s getting dragged by the dog, Suk Jin’s dog who’s suddenly turning away histerically, Kwang Soo’s misery while piggybacking Jong Shin, Gary who ran away so fast without taking the baton), MC Yoo’s Survival Game (the potato costumes, the incidental assistant MCs, Jae Suk’s chin pull-up challenge), until the highlight final mission, 1:1:1 Name Tag Elimination, when MC Yoo was live broadcasting the game, all were so amusing. Name Tag Elimination, along with Hide and Seek, were the main and signature games in RM, and also my favorite. Since I rarely see those games now in recent episodes of RM, this episode deserves the number one position for preserving the tradition. Keep on running, “Running Man!”


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